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Summer 2013 Newsletter

Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused.

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6 Facets of Health
1st Global Eating Psychology Conference
Who Are We?

Wellesley Chiropractic
471 Washington St. Wellesley, MA. 02482
Phone 781.237.6673
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We have been serving the Metro-West are since 1982.
We specialize in family centered chiropractic health care, pediatrics, craniopathy, and long term spinal reconstructive care.

Dr. Rosen practices Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) and is a certified Craniopath and SOT instructor.
SOT is a chiropractic technique based on the removal of Subluxations and chronic spinal neurophysiological imbalances that effect the overall function on the nervous system. Because of the diversity and flexibility of SOT anyone from infants to the elderly can be safely adjusted.

Office hours:
Call the office for specific appointment times during July

Specialty Services 
  • Pediatric chiropractic
  • Low force and standard care protocols 
  • Allergy desensitization
  • Animal (dog and cat) chiropractic care
  • Cranial adjusting
  • Nutritional evaluation 
Chiropractic - 6 Facets of Health

Balancing your life can be a difficult thing at times but by attempting to include these 6 facets of health in your daily routine you can help maintain a healthier more supportive lifestyle.
  • Proper Nutrition/Diet
    • What you eat, what you need. 
  • Exercise
    • Weight bearing and cardiovascular. 
  • Proper Rest
    • Sleep patterns, naps. 
  • Positive Mental Attitude
    • Thoughts are energy that manifest their patterns. 
  • Spiritual Practice
    • Getting in touch with something higher than ourselves. 
  • Proper Nerve Supply and Functioning Nervous System
    • Control and coordination of the entire system -
      Goal of Chiropractic Care.
Thank you!!

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of you referring your family and friends into our office for chiropractic care.  We will continue to do our best to serve them. 

From all of us at Wellesley Chiropractic Office.

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As some of you may have heard while on vacation 2 weeks ago I was in an accident and am currently unable to work at Wellesley Chiropractic.

First and foremost I would like to tell you how much I appreciate the concern and caring that has come my way.  I am also deeply touched by how my colleagues have responded and offered to help.

The details of the accident are: I was on a Segway (those strange two wheeled self propelled vehicles) tour with my daughter in Amsterdam.  While crossing an intersection a bicyclist tried to cut behind me and hit my back left tire, spinning the Segway and throwing me onto the pavement.  I landed on my right hip and elbow.  I was able to get up but not really bear weight on my right leg.  After waiting a few hours the condition did not improve so I went to the hospital.  The X-ray revealed an acetabular (the hip socket) fracture.  Currently I am exploring options and time frames for healing.  I do not know when I will be returning to Wellesley Chiropractic but I can guarantee it will be as soon as I possibly can.

While I am gone several colleagues will be covering the office and serving your needs.  Not only are these people my dear friends but they are also the chiropractors my family and I have gotten adjusted by.  Their years of experience and expertise are unquestionable.  One of the ways that you can help me is to keep your regular scheduled appointments at Wellesley Chiropractic with the doctors that have so generously offered their time and services.

Again thank you for your kind thoughts, prayers and wishes I hope to see you all very soon.

Martin Rosen, DC
1st Global Eating Psychology Conference

Join me, along with over 35 cutting edge experts for an amazing experience.  Together we will explore leading edge thinking in the fields of eating psychology, nutrition, mind-body health, and personal transformation. Get inspired by speakers from a variety of disciplines who have something unique and innovative to share. This will be a truly integrative and holistic approach to healthcare.

I will be addressing:

The Developmental Neurological Perspective on Neuroplastic Physical, Mental and Emotional Habit Patterns.

The structural underpinnings of cognitive and motor development form in early  
childhood, as well as the potential pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental 
disorders. The first two year of life is the period when the greatest number and fastest development of neurological connections and pathways are created and formed.  By age 6 ninety percent of our motor, sensory and processing neurology is completed.  If not addressed facilitation or disruption of normal healthy neurological pattens previous to this juncture will cause the individual to create compensatory patterns and adaptive coping mechanisms for the rest of their lives.  How these patterns are created and can be removed or reduced is important to the overall health of the individual.

About The Conference
Now more than ever, we need a whole new understanding of our relationship with food! The fields of eating psychology and nutrition are at a profound crossroads. Medical science has finally recognized the important role of diet in optimal health, yet something is clearly missing.
Obesity, overeating, body image concerns, emotional challenges with food, and diet-related health issues are with us more than ever. We have abundant access to nutrition information, but need to search long and hard for true healing wisdom. It's time for an approach that honors all of who we are as eaters - body, mind, heart and soul.
Join us for an exciting time together as we explore leading edge thinking in the fields of Eating Psychology, Nutrition, and Personal Transformation. Get inspired by over 35 speakers, from a variety of disciplines, who have something unique and innovative to share.

Conference Information:
Date: August 5-9. 2013
Price: FREE
Location: Online sign up here

Some topics include:
A Deeper Dive into Body Image
Health at Every Size
Neuroscience and Personal Change
Developmental Neurological Perspective on Neuroplastic Physical, Mental and Emotional Habit Patterns
A Holistic Approach to Eating Disorders
The Healing Power of Embodiment
Culture, Emotional Health and Metabolism
The Science and Psychology of Craving
Hormones, Eating and Inner Health
Deeper Insights into Compulsions
The Energetics of Food, Nutrition and the Mind
The Gut-Psychology Connection
World Nourishment
The Hidden Politics of Food
New Approaches to Nutritional Health
Compelling Highlights from the Research World
And more...

Yours in Health,

Martin Rosen, DC, CSCP, CSPP

President Emeritus of SOTO-USA
Chairman of the SOTO-USA Pediatric Committee
Chairman of the SOT Council of The Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice
Editorial Board of The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health - Chiropractic
Certified Craniopath
Instructor for the ICPA and SOTO-USA