Wellesley Books Newsletter | June 8th, 2022
And, finally, it's June...which means all things Pride. Pride Month is an occasion for booksellers to highlight many books that have brought us joy and solace over the years; check out our big displays in the kids' section and next to the front register through the end of the month for a lively and opinionated array of some of our favorites. There's a taster below of some of our staff-recommended titles for adults, but, truthfully, we have many more posted in the store than could possibly fit in a newsletter; recent years have seen an explosion of excellent LGBTQIA+ romances, picture books and YA novels in particular.
Upcoming Events
Saturday, June 11th from 2:00-3:00 PM (in-person)
Emily Murphy joins us for a meet-and-greet in front of the store from 2–3pm. Emily's picture book, Goodnight, Symphony, is a bedtime story that will spark kids' imaginations and introduce them to instruments of the orchestra.

This is a free in-person event. Registration is not required, so don't hesitate to come by any time between 2 and 3 to say hi!
Monday, June 13th at 7:00 PM (in-person)
William Martin, author of Back Bay and Bound For Gold, presents December '41, a WWII thriller as intense as The Day of the Jackal and as gripping as The Eye of the Needle.

Called the “king of the historical thriller” by the Providence Journal, Martin has become synonymous with meticulously researched, edge-of-your-seat thrillers that transport the reader across time and place. December '41 is no different, and long-time readers and new fans alike will not be able to turn the pages fast enough this summer.

"Martin concocts a devilishly complex and lusciously detail-rich thriller."
Thursday, June 16th at 7:00 PM (in-person)
Louis Bayard, author of Courting Mr. Lincoln and The Pale Blue Eye, presents Jackie & Me, a brilliantly wrought, witty, and sensitive novel about the young Jacqueline Bouvier before she became that Jackie—and about a marriage that almost never happened.

"Bayard is a master of historical fiction; this exquisite book is no exception."
–Library Journal
Saturday, June 18th from 2:00-3:00 PM (in-person)
Fashion designer Sam Donovan and writer Kristen Wixted join us for a meet-and-greet in front of the store from 2–3pm. Their picture book, Miss Rita, Mystery Reader, is a heartwarming and relatable family story that celebrates drag queens, reading, and self-acceptance.

This is a free in-person event. Registration is not required, so don't hesitate to come by any time between 2 and 3 to say hi! Miss Rita, Mystery Reader is also the June selection for our picture book subscription; scroll down for details.
Read With Pride
Lana Harper
"romance, magic and revenge in a sleepy, mystical town--what else do I want?" - Ashleigh
Bryan Washington
"an exquisite novel about a multicultural gay couple living together in Houston...beautiful, yet simple prose" - Sally
Francesca May
"Sapphic Great Gatsby with witches! Dark and atmospheric" - Lucy
Morgan Rogers
"for the star girls, the earth girls, the lonely creatures...a tender & intimate coming-of-age romance" - Cassie
Patricia Bell-Scott
"a fascinating and readable history of a complicated friendship that spotlights a Civil Rights icon" - Rebecca
Malinda Lo
"a young woman coming of age in San Francisco's Chinatown in the 1950s...layered and thoughtful" - Lia
Bookseller Recommendations
Booksellers recommend:
Yerba Buena by Nina LaCour
Cassie says: A Nina LaCour Novel (noun): a kiss on your forehead as you're tucked in at night, a cathartic cry in the shower, a perfectly made cup of coffee in your favorite mug, a well-mixed cocktail with condensation sweating down the sides of the glass on a hot summer night, a sad song on the radio on a long drive, a familiar face in an unexpected place, feeling at home in quiet spaces, and out of body in familiar places. Yerba Buena is everything you'd want from Nina LaCour's adult debut. Two young women, each laden with generations of burdens and hope, find each other and fall in love. But circumstance has never been kind to either. Each wants so desperately to find the footing that feels most right to them, constantly mis-stepping on their way to becoming better partners, better sisters, better workers and the person they want to be. LaCour's writing rings the most true and tender in domestic moments, cleaning dishes with a loved one, cleaning out a dead relative's house. The dust and beauty of every day moments are pure magic in her hands.

Lucy says: Sink into this intimate and evocative sapphic coming of age novel about two women finding themselves and each other throughout early adulthood. LaCour’s rich and poetic prose will transport you from the lush forests of Northern California to the mansions of Long Beach, from seedy motels to upscale restaurants. She captures the listlessness and anxiety of being in your twenties with so much vulnerability and compassion, and reminds you of life’s simple pleasures: food and flowers and friendship, a refreshing cocktail, a vibrant coat of paint. A book to be savored like a delicious meal or an expensive glass of wine – you won’t want it to end.

Eliza says: A lengthy, and yet not long enough love story; this book swept me away both with its excruciating hardship and its pure joy. Sara ran away from home at 16, and as she muddles through her first years in LA, blossoms into a sought-after bartender. Emilie arranges flowers when she’s not slogging through another year of college and indecision. Shared gazes and conversation bloom into swelling as years pass, and family is lost and found. Lacour's adult debut novel is atmospheric and tender, a story I want to snuggle into bed next to and read for the first time again over and over.
Sally recommends:
True Biz by Sara Novic
“True biz” translates in sign language to “real talk." And this novel does just that. It’s the story of students and teachers at a residential school for the Deaf. Charlie has had cochlear implants to please her parents, but now as a young teen is language-deprived and learning ASL for the first time. Austin is the star student at the school who comes from a family with a long history of deafness. This is a moving coming-of-age story as well as an informative look inside Deaf culture.
Lucy recommends:
A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall
This book is so beautiful and SO romantic! Alexis Hall is quickly becoming a must-read for me, and he is at his best in this moving love story about a trans woman navigating society in Regency-era England, and the lifelong friend who begins to see her in a new light. Whether you’re a queer romance fan, a Regency romance fan, or (like me) both, you will fall in love with this book (and probably with Duke Gracewood. Swoon.) Cannot recommend enough.
New In Hardcover
Sloane Crosley
Tom Perrotta
Leila Mottley
Ann Leary
signed copies available
Therese Anne Fowler
J.M. Miro
Kali Fajardo-Anstine
Carter Bays
John Grisham
William Martin
Charles McGrath
David Sedaris
Eric Jay Dolin
New In Paperback
Zakiya Dalila Harris
Laurie Frankel
Hannah Whitten
Tia Williams
Edward St. Aubyn
Lisa Taddeo
Ken Follett
Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray
Nathaniel Philbrick
Malcolm Gladwell
Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony & Cass R. Sundstein
Carol Leonnig
Bookseller Recommendations for Young Readers
Elle recommends:
An LGBTQ prequel to the School for Good and Evil series! It tells the story of how two brothers, one aligned with Good and the other with Evil, destroy the fragile peace of their world. Lots of magic and drama make this a must-read for fans of the original series.
Ashleigh recommends:
Home Field Advantage by Dahlia Adler
This is exactly the fun, thoughtful, determined contemporary queer romance we need. The stakes are so high for the characters, and the representation of diverse, queer people in a small-minded small town is on point. Ideal for fans of I Kissed Shara Wheeler mixed with Friday Night Lights.
Middle-Grade Monthly: A Subscription Club
Middle-Grade Monthly is our subscription service for kids ages 8-12! Each month our children's book buyer Lauren and school liaison Cassie select a newly-released chapter book. Get your hands on the newest and soon-to-be coveted books of the year. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions, and you can pick up your book at the store or have it mailed to you. Click on the link below for FAQs about the program.

The June 2022 pick is Rabbit Chase by Elizabeth Lapensee & Kc Oster. To find out more about our subscription service, click here.
Picture Book Subscription Club: A Perfect Gift!
A Child's Library is our subscription service for children ages 0-5! Lauren and Cassie select one newly-released picture book each month to be sent or picked-up from the store. The goal of A Child's Library is to help foster a love for books within the child's home. It makes a great baby shower gift!

The June 2022 pick is Miss Rita, Mystery Reader by Sam Donovan, Kristen Wixted & Violet Tobacco. To find out more about our subscription service, click here.
New Books for Kids
Jamie Sumner
Jesse Q. Sutanto
Wendy Wan-Long Shang
Heidi Lang
New Books For Teens
Katharine McGee
Emiko Jean
Ebony LaDelle
Namina Forna
Jessica Goodman
Brigid Kemmerer
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