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July 17th, 2019
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The dog days of summer bring with them a new Dog Man! Celebrate completing your assigned summer reading--because you've totally done that, right?--by pre-ordering a copy from us! It'll be set aside for you the morning it comes out. (That's August 13th, if you or someone you know has been keeping track.)

When you're thinking of pre-ordering any hotly anticipated book, we hope you'll think of us. You can browse our website for easy pre-ordering from the comfort of your hopefully cool home, or the beach, or wherever else you might be enjoying the summer. Watch this space for news on all of the new titles we're most excited about!
Upcoming Eventsevents

All events are free to the public, unless otherwise noted.
 Purchase the lead title  from Wellesley Books to enter the signing line .
Saturday, July 20th, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
A Wellesley Square summertime institution, July Jubilation returns for another year of sidewalk sales, food trucks, fundraisers and entertainment. Join us for our highly anticipated annual gift sidewalk sale. Please see the official Wellesley Square website for a complete schedule of events.  Hope to see you there!
Monday, July 22nd, 7:00 PM  
Caitlin Krause is a globally-recognized learning expert, author, and keynote speaker. In her new book Mindful by Design, she helps individual leaders and teams leverage mindfulness, storytelling, and design principles to connect more deeply with their audiences.   
Tuesday, July 23rd, 7:00 PM
J.A. Walsh worked in intelligence and counter-terrorism after the September 11th attacks. Purpose of Evasion is the first book in his Sami Lakhani thriller series. Sami is a new kind of spy hero, an American Muslim whose experiences are drawn from the author's own service in counter-terrorism, and inspired by some of the great writers and heroes of the spy and political thriller genres.   
Thursday, September 5th, 7:00 PM
Karl Marlantes, whose debut novel Matterhorn was hailed as a modern classic of war literature, returns with a new novel, Deep River. Marlantes turns to a different mode of storytelling--the family epic--to craft a stunningly expansive narrative of human suffering, courage, and reinvention. This is a ticketed event.  Tickets are $5 and can be used towards the purchase of Deep River.  
Book Groupsbookgroups
Bill's Book Group for Guys

by Joe Mungo
A fascinating inside look at the world of professional cycling and the daily pressures of a young marriage provides the backdrop for this powerful debut novel that explores the cost of ambition and the question of what gives our lives meaning.

Join Bill's Book Group for Guys for a relaxed evening in the store discussing a specially-chosen book while enjoying a beer, glass of wine, or select single-malt whiskey.  $25 buys the book and a ticket to the event.
Rachael's Book Club for Kids

Ryan Andrews

Rachael Conrad carefully curates choices for children ages 8-12 who love to read.  Join her for a lively discussion about a new book every month.   Parents, if your child would like to attend please e-mail rachael@wellesleybooks.com to reserve your spot!
Betty's Lunchtime Book Group

by Richard Powers
Betty Sudarsky, unparalleled bookseller and experienced book club leader, chooses each book carefully and leads the discussion.  Bring your own lunch if you like; Betty supplies snacks, drinks, and insight.  No need to sign up; drop-ins are welcome.  
Bookseller Recommendationsrecs
Gillian recommends:
Body Leaping Backward by Maureen Stanton
A shattered family, rampant drug use, a sense of hopelessness--Maureen Stanton's slide into delinquency feels as inevitable as the shadow cast by nearby Walpole prison. Only her innate intelligence and fierce independence keep her outside those walls despite her mother's predictions. Distinctly New England in setting, this straight-shooting and astutely observed memoir is spot-on with social and cultural references that will resonate with anyone who grew up in 1970's America.
Sally recommends:
The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead
In the Jim Crow South of the '60s Elwood listens to the words of Martin Luther King, wishing to be part of the civil rights movement. Instead he winds up at a reform school called the Nickel Academy where he shows his "capacity to suffer." With exquisite writing, as we saw in The Underground Railroad, the author reveals this brutal story of courage and of hope, which is based on true events.
Marilyn recommends:
Lifelines by Heidi Diehl
I enjoyed this story about an American environmental artist who had attended art school in Germany in the early '70s. We follow her life in chapters that alternate between these memories and her current life, culminating in a return trip thirty years later. The explorations of cultural differences, art, music and family relationships make for good reading.
Betty recommends:
Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane
Ask Again, Yes is the perfect drama. Neighbors where both Dads are on the NYPD and the kids are best friends can be a picture of suburban bliss. Or not, when a dramatic event tears everything apart.  Suddenly their lives are disrupted, the adults scatter, but the kids (a boy and girl) are emotionally intertwined. Years pass and as lives knit back together we discover that the elements that caused the fracture might still be in play. This very satisfying story is well told and has charm and humor along with its heart-wrenching moments.  I'd like to read it again right now.
New In Hardcovernewreleases

The Knife
Jo Nesbo

Alexi Zentner

Supper Club
Lara Williams

Courtney Maum

The Second-Worst Restaurant in France
Alexander McCall Smith

The Chain
Adrian McKinty

David Szalay

The New Girl
Daniel Silva

American Carnage
Tim Alberta

Three Women
Lisa Taddeo

Beneath the Tamarind Tree
Isha Sesay

Four Friends
William D. Cohan
New In Paperback

A Terrible Country
Keith Gessen

The Saturday Night Ghost Club
Craig Davidson

Early Work
Andrew Martin

Hope Rides Again
Andrew Shaffer

The Masterpiece
Fiona Davis

Christina Dalcher

The Diary of a Bookseller
Shaun Bythell

Into the Night
Sarah Bailey

The Caregiver
Samuel Park
Bookseller Recommendations For Young Readerskids
Cassie recommends:
Truman by Jean Reidy and Lucy Ruth Cummins
This tiny tortoise tackles the impossible when his Sarah boards the bus and she doesn't return! Truman must leave his seven green beans, cross uncharted territory and face insurmountable obstacles to reunite with his girl. Even if it takes a thousand tortoise hours.
New Books For Kids

Rising Above Shepherdsville
Ann Schoenbohm

Serafina and the Seven Stars
Robert Beatty

Kate O'Hearn
New Books For Young Adults

Spin the Dawn
Elizabeth Lim

Me Myself and Him
Chris Tebbetts

Maybe This Time
Kasie West
New in the Gift Department gifts

Nothing says "summer" like Alan Claude's signature coastal New England prints...and we're one of the very few places off-Cape that has them.

What We're Reading Now...
Prison Book Program
The Prison Book Program believes in the life-changing power of literature. Books give people the chance to learn, grow, and explore the worlds of their choosing. Since 1972, the Prison Book Program has been sending free books to individuals in prisons. Along with each hand-selected package, volunteers send personalized notes to each reader because everyone deserves the freedom to read.

Click here for the Prison Book Program wishlist.

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