Wellesley Books Newsletter | December 9th, 2020
Well, it's crunch time around here! Thank you for all your orders, whether through our online store or over the phone. As we approach the home stretch, we have a few things to note to make everyone's shopping experience better and allow us the time to complete your orders. Our online store is updated every few hours with real-time stock, and the search bar on our website is a great tool that allows you to quickly see if we have that special title in stock. And if that special title is out of stock, we encourage you to consider alternatives - you can always call us for suggestions. Of course, we're always happy to order books for you that we don't have on the shelf, but once we hit December 15th, we will not be able to promise delivery to the store before the Christmas holiday. To make things easier, we've organized some helpful lists, including our fiction and nonfiction bestsellers, paperback bestsellers, and our New Way to Window Shop, which features many of the best new books for the season. Last but not least, we are happy to offer home delivery for orders over $150 in the towns of Wellesley, Weston, Needham, and Natick. See our website for more details. Happy Holidays to all!
Books for the Grounded Traveler
Upcoming Online Events
Friday, December 11th at 7:00 PM
Kids, don your jammies and join us for a Bedtime Story read by the author AND illustrator themselves! Author Tom Lichtenheld and illustrator Julie Rowan-Zoch read Louis, their laugh-out-loud story about a teddy who plots his escape from his owner’s suffocating affections.

This free online event will take place through Zoom. In order to gain access, attendees must register by clicking the link below:
Friday, December 18th at 7:00 PM
Kids, don your jammies and join us for a Bedtime Story read by the author himself! Pete Mercurio reads Our Subway Baby, a gentle and incredibly poignant picture book that tells the true story of how one baby found his home.

This free online event will take place through Zoom. In order to gain access, attendees must register by clicking the link below:
Bookseller Recommendations
Cassie recommends:
The Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher
I do not recommend listening to this audiobook while driving down the Pike in the dark after your shift at the bookstore because this is one of the most creepy, terrifying books I’ve ever read. While horror is not my usual genre, the main characters were so relatable and endearing that I had to follow them to the end. Even when I was yelling at my car speakers when they couldn’t see what was right in front of them. Kara, or Carrot as she is know by her uncle, is a freshly-divorced 30-something who has managed to find mostly-stable ground working and living at her uncle’s museum of curios, the Glory to God Museum of Natural Wonders, Curiosities, and Taxidermy, in North Carolina. And then she finds a hole in the wall. Which leads to a hallway that shouldn’t be physically possible. Which leads to a locked bunker with a body inside. Which leads to a new world, filled with water, and bunkers, and willow trees. But of course, there’s much more than meets the eye. With more curiosity than common sense, Kara and her best friend, Simon, decide to explore. And discover the meaning of the ominous graffiti they find, Pray they are hungry. If you, too, wish you could celebrate Halloween year-round, this is the book for you.
Our Bestsellers
Barack Obama
Ina Garten
Brit Bennett
Isabel Wilkerson
Jeff Benedict
Fredrik Backman
Tana French
Books for your Sci-Fi / Fantasy Fan
N. K. Jemisin
Rebecca Roanhorse
Naomi Novik
Tamsyn Muir
Books for your LGBTQ Family Member
Bryan Washington
Kristin Lambert
New In Hardcover
Jane Smiley
Andrew Cotter
New In Paperback
Laura Zigman
KJ Dell'Antonia
Carmen Maria Machado
Picture Book Subscription Club: A Perfect Gift!
A Child's Library is a subscription service for children ages 0-5, or anyone who loves picture books! Each month, our children's book buyer, Lauren, will select one newly released picture book to be sent or picked-up from the store. The purpose of A Child's Library is to help foster a love for books within the child's home. It makes a great baby shower gift or holiday gift!

The December 2020 pick is The Joyful Book by Todd Parr. To find out more about our subscription service, click here.
Top Sellers for Picture Books
Ibram X. Kendi & Ashley Lukashevsky
Jake Marrazzo & Gregor Bernard
Susan Verde & Peter H. Reynolds
Top Sellers for Middle Grade
A.J. Sass
Jennifer Blecher
Top Sellers for YA
Kelly Yang
Karen M. McManus
In the Gift Department: Board Game Recommendations
Andy recommends: Dixit
Dixit tests the flexibility of your imagination and how well you know your fellow players. Each card has some very cool art on it, and each round, one player tries to get as few players as possible to correctly guess which one they’re describing—without making it so obscure that nobody gets it right. Lots of fun, even if you don’t bother keeping score.
Andy recommends: Anomia
Fast paced, frantic, and often hilarious, Anomia is a great party game. When two cards match, try to name something in the correct category before your opponent. Great for those who like competitive, high energy games that don’t take long to play.
Andy recommends: Settlers of Catan
You’ve probably heard of Settlers of Catan, and it’s a classic for a reason. The quintessential resource and building game, Catan is tons of fun and easier to learn than it looks. The changing board and numerous expansions allow the game to be fresh and fun no matter how many times you’ve played.
We Need a Home for the Holidays!
Harry Panda
Louie Lion
Fudge Puppy
Mellow Mallow Elly
Smudge Elephant
Black & Cream
Bashful Puppy
Sacha Snow Tiger
Hudson Husky
Douglas Dino
The Self-care Package
Whether you're stressed out by the general state of the world, work, Mondays, midterms, or the chilly weather, books are always there. Introducing the Wellesley Books self-care package for local customers. Each package comes with a surprise book handpicked by our booksellers and an assortment of gift items to brighten your day. These packages are available for curbside pickup only. Email orders@wellesleybooks.com for more info.
Dog of the Week
Krispy Kreme
She brought us so much joy that we couldn't not feature her again.
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