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December 4th, 2019
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As the holiday season gets into full swing and the hustle and bustle intensifies, we'd like to invite you to a relaxed evening of shopping and socializing - and tonight's the night! Enjoy 10% off our gift items, as well as the expert advice of our crack gift department team, over drinks and a snack. As our gift selection has expanded over the years, we've tried our best to provide you and everyone on your holiday list with the cozy, the silly, the fun, the fashionable, and the unexpected. Returning favorites include the largest selection of Christmas crackers around, as well as cozy accessories and board games that the family will actually want to put their phones away for--Carcassonne, anyone? Hope to see you there!
Upcoming Eventsevents

Events are free to the public unless otherwise noted. 
Thursday, December 5th, 7:00 PM
Join local dietician and wellness coach Tricia Silverman for the launch of Healthy Dividends, her new guide to living a long, flourishing life. Learn how to manage stress and food cravings, what additives to avoid, how to shop for healthy meals, tips for navigating restaurants, and a whole lot more. Tricia debunks myths and busts fads in the service of making you healthier.
Wednesday, December 11th, 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM
Bring a friend and have lunch with Mary Laura Philpott, author of one of the year's most acclaimed memoirs/essay collections, I Miss You When I Blink. This story of a Type A person who learns how to change--after completing her life's to-do list, of course--is written by a worthy successor to several memorably witty women of yore (think Nora Ephron and Laurie Colwin).  There are only a few spots left--please call or visit us to purchase tickets.
Friday, January 17th, 7:00 PM
Join New Yorker humorists extraordinaire Roz Chast and Patty Marx as they present You Can Only Yell at Me for One Thing at a Time: Rules for Couples, just in time for Valentine's Day. Roz Chast and Patty Marx dispense with old, clichéd relationship advice and present offbeat tips for sustaining romance in their own, inimitable way. Click here to purchase tickets to this event.

Book Clubs & Workshopsbookgroups
Rachael's Book Club for Kids

Sofiya Pasternack

Rachael Conrad carefully curates choices for children ages 8-12 who love to read. Join her for a lively discussion about a new book every month. Parents, if your child would like to attend, please contact Rachael to reserve your spot!
Betty's Lunchtime Book Group

Chris Cander
Betty Sudarsky, unparalleled bookseller emerita and experienced book club leader, chooses each book carefully and leads the discussion. Bring your own lunch if you like; Betty supplies snacks, drinks, and insight. No need to sign up; drop-ins are welcome.
Highly Educated: A Book Club for Teachers & Librarians

Celia C. Pérez

Highly Educated, a new book club for teachers and librarians, will meet once a month to discuss a middle-grade or Young Adult book. Please contact our School Liaison Rachael Conrad to join!
Teen Writers' Workshop

Join writing instructor (and children's book expert) Cassie Duncanson for a 90-minute workshop aimed at writers aged 14 to 18. Classes began in September and will run monthly through June. To sign up, please contact Cassie.

Bill's Book Group for Guys

Andre Dubus III
Join Bill's Book Group for Guys for a relaxed evening in the store discussing a specially-chosen book while enjoying a beer, glass of wine, or select single-malt whiskey.  $25 buys the book and a ticket to the event.

Bookseller Recommendationsrecs
Jess recommends:
The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell
Libby is adopted and on her 25th birthday she inherits a large house in Chelsea that has been held in trust. Her two siblings disappeared 25 years earlier after her birth parents and an unknown man were found dead in what appeared to be a suicide pact. They never returned to claim the house on their birthdays and so it remained empty and waiting for Libby. Told through three narrators, nothing is as it seems, and the house, worth millions, is about to reveal its secrets.

Barry recommends:
Religion As We Know It by Jack Miles
For much of ancient history, religious belief and practice were so intertwined with civilization as a whole (whether Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Indian, Chinese or other) that it doesn't appear that people thought of "religion" as a separate or separable human activity. Eventually, that all changed, at least in some parts of the world. How did it happen that humans began to categorize religion as a particular kind of activity, to the point where the comparative study of religion evolved as its own field of study? Jack Miles offers a thoughtful, elegant, convincing explanation.

New In Hardcovernewreleases

Dead Astronauts
Jeff Vandermeer

Charles Soule

Under Occupation 
Alan Furst
New In Paperback

American Dialogue 
Joseph J. Ellis

The Fifth Risk
Michael Lewis

Kitchen Yarns
Ann Hood

The Parisian
Isabella Hammad

The Peppermint Tea Chronicles
Alexander McCall Smith

Last Stories
William Trevor
Bookseller Picks for Young Adultskids
Geoff recommends:
Are You Listening? by Tillie Walden
Whenever I read a graphic novel by Tillie Walden, I feel like I'm floating in a dream. Her latest book is no different, as we follow its two main characters on a road trip through a surreal version of the American West, with a disorientingly shifting landscape that is tied up with their emotional states. It will leave you thinking "What just happened?" in a very good way.

New Books For Kids

New Books For Young Adults

Ryan La Sala

Dangerous Alliance
Jennieke Cohen

Brandon Sanderson
New in the Gift Department gifts

The weather's pretty frightful--snuggle under a cozy Irish wool blanket with a marshmallow hot chocolate (stirred with a candy cane spoon!) and some snacks.
Available for Pre-Order Now

A Long Petal of the Sea
Isabel Allende

American Dirt
Jeanine Cummins

19 Love Songs
David Levithan
What We're Reading Now...
Prison Book Program
  For over half a year, we've been partnering with the Prison Book Program to send books to people in prison. Thanks to your generosity, we've filled five large boxes and counting! We've added some new books in different genres for the holidays; please check out our expanded wishlist here.

Dog of the Week
Ginny Weasley is a 12-year-old Shih-Poo who lives with a family of bigtime readers and Harry Potter obsessives. She came rolling into the store in an adorable stroller, belying her sportiness--an avid soccer player, she loves to score goals between people's feet. She loves to shop at the bookstore and sit next to her humans while they read. Come back anytime, Ginny! 

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