Wellesley Boooooks Newsletter | October 28th, 2021
The latter half of October has felt like a real shift in many ways: the deepening of the evenings, the crisp-ening of the days, the sudden influx of browsy gift books, and, of course, it's Spooky Season. Fortunately, if you want crisp, cozy, browsy OR spooky, we've got you covered. This year, a return to the comforts of home might feel welcome—why not try a recipe from one of the several hot new cookbooks released within the past few weeks? Maybe you're ready to read something scary again. To fully experience some of the new gift books of the season, we're afraid you'll need to stop by the store, but check out some of our recommendations in the New Releases section below. It just might be the actual most-wonderful time of the year!
James Patterson's Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program
This holiday season, James Patterson will once again be supporting independent booksellers through his Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program. Since 2015, the bestselling author has pledged a personal contribution of $250,000 to be distributed, annually, to 500 booksellers nationwide--your favorite folks at Wellesley Books included! In fact, several of us have been the grateful recipients of Patterson Bonuses in years past. To nominate a bookseller, click here.
Used Book Trade-Ins Are Back!
If you've been holding onto those gently read novels, or the kids have at long last outgrown that series of chapter books, bring them in! We're open for used book trade-ins from 1-4 on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and you do not need to book an appointment.

Upcoming Events
Friday, October 29th at 7:00 PM (online)
Rebecca Evans, author and/or illustrator of more than twenty children's books, reads If You Ever Meet a Skeleton, her fun, spooky rhyming tale about a not-so-scary skeleton who just wants a friend.

"The book nicely demonstrates how something fearful can seem much less so when reduced to its parts, a comforting message for little readers."
Monday, November 1st at 7:00 PM (online)
Join us for an evening with these two fabulous authors plus a very special surprise guest! Who is it? You'll have to tune in to find out!

Danielle Joseph presents Sydney A. Frankel's Summer Mix-Up, a lighthearted tale of summertime mishaps and self-discovery.

"The book’s treatment of the complexities of tweendom are pitch perfect: the need for autonomy, the intensity of friendships, crushes, and the messy process of growing up."

Christina Diaz Gonzalez presents Concealed. What if you had no name, no past, and no home? Find out in this truly thrilling story.

"Gripping. Brimming with knotty twists and eccentric turns."
Thursday, November 4th at 6:00 PM (online)
Amor Towles, author of A Gentleman in Moscow and Rules of Civility, presents his new novel, The Lincoln Highway—a stylish and propulsive novel set in 1950s America.

"Towles’ third novel is even more entertaining than his much-acclaimed A Gentleman in Moscow . . . An exhilarating ride through Americana."

Amor will be in conversation with Richard Russo, author of Empire Falls and Nobody's Fool.
Bookseller Recommendations
Ashleigh recommends:
Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff
The dark, seductive story of the last vampire hunter as he awaits his execution, this book has raised my standards for epic fantasy. Kristoff has swagger--his writing is so crisp and easy to read that you don’t realize he’s drawn you in only to break your heart until it’s far too late. Captivating and elegant, fast-paced and relentlessly brutal, I devoured it and welcomed the pain. If soul-crushing and hope-dashing but laugh-aloud snarky with compelling and vibrant prose is your thing, Empire of the Vampire is a treasure. (I know it has an egregiously hideous vampire-bodice-ripper cover that belongs in a grocery store novel section; but the book and writing itself are masterful.)
Jane and Eliza recommend:
Smile by Sarah Ruhl
Jane says: Sarah Ruhl's new memoir, Smile, is much more than a story about her on-going experience with Bell's palsy. It raises so many issues about beauty, about how women are seen and judged in the world, and how your experience of your own attractiveness (or lack thereof) affects so many aspects of your life. Ruhl's observations on the difficulties of parenting are courageous and honest. Don't miss this one!

Eliza says: In chronicling her experience with Bell's palsy, Ruhl somehow offers profound wisdom about many walks of life. Down to earth, hilarious, and so so beautifully composed, I found myself lapping up each sentence.
Jane and Eliza recommend:
We Are Not Like Them by Christine Pride & Jo Piazza
Jane says: We Are Not Like Them is the perfect novel for our time. Set against the backdrop of the police shooting of a Black teenager, authors Christine Pride and Jo Piazza explore its effect on the relationship between two long-time friends, one Black, one white. The novel explores the complexity of race relations on a personal level--how do people begin to talk about race? Is it possible to understand another person’s lived experiences, even if you are the closest of friends? This novel is thought-provoking, honest, and occasionally uncomfortable. We should all read it.

Eliza says: Told through the eyes of best childhood friends Jenny and Riley, We Are Not Like Them is a riveting portrayal of race and policing. When Jenny's husband is implicated in a police shooting, and Riley is reporting on that same case, both must grapple with their own identities, biases, and how far they are willing to go for one another. Honest, bold, and harrowing, this novel will echo in your mind long after its final pages.
The Paris Bookseller
A sweeping historical fiction about the founder of iconic Paris bookstore Shakespeare and Company, Sylvia Beach, and her journey to publish James Joyce’s classic Ulysses--just in time for the 100th anniversary of the publication of Ulysses!

“If you ever dreamed you could transport yourself to Paris in the twenties, to Sylvia Beach’s famous bookstore where Joyce, Hemingway, and Pound wandered the aisles, this story’s for you. Maher’s magical touch brings to life a woman whose struggles resonate in today’s world, while also examining the intricacies of friendship, fortitude, and the love of the written word.”—Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author of The Lions of Fifth Avenue

Please use this link to preorder THE PARIS BOOKSELLER. If you would like to attend our event with Kerrion January 11th, 2022, please indicate so in the "comments" section of your order.
...and more great titles coming soon!
Diana Gabaldon
(published November 23rd)
Ken Follett
(published November 9th)
Nikole Hannah-Jones & the New York Times Magazine
(published November 16th)
Oliver Jeffers
(published November 2nd)

Philip C. Stead and Erin E. Stead
(published November 23rd)
Sharon M. Draper
(published November 9th)
New in Hardcover
John Grisham
Elizabeth Strout
Anthony Horowitz
David Chang & Priya Krishna
Chrissy Teigen
Barack Obama & Bruce Springsteen
Paul Auster
Spencer Quinn
Nathaniel Ian Miller
Lee Child & Andrew Child
Kwon Yeo-sun
Robert J. Lloyd
Rebecca Solnit
Jane Goodall & Douglas Abrams
Alan Cumming
New in Paperback
Bryan Washington
Christopher Paolini
Catherine Grace Katz
David Michaelis
Les Payne & Tamara Payne
Bookseller Recommendations for Kids and Teens
Lucy recommends:
Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao
Pacific Rim meets The Hunger Games in this bada**, feminist sci-fi epic about a rage-fueled, morally gray heroine seeking vengeance against a brutally patriarchal society. The story is loosely inspired by China’s only female Emperor, and Zhao fuses Chinese history and futuristic technology in the coolest way. This book is truly a wild ride, and worth every second — you will be rooting for Zetian as she sets out to destroy everything in her path, and you will never look at a love triangle the same way again…
Ashleigh recommends:
All Of Us Villains by Amanda Foody & Christine Lynn Herman
This is Hunger Games played by Slytherin House for the Mortal Cup. No one is safe and everyone is a villain...or are they? Creative and varied magic? Yes. Clever world-building? Yes. Sensationalist expose causing trouble? Yes. Seven families vying for power and sending their kids to do the dirty work? Heck yes. Complex characters, both main and supporting cast? Absolutely. Authors gleefully willing and ready to torment their readers and break some hearts? Alas, yes. Full of twists, turns, enemies to allies to friends to lovers to enemies to dead, this dynamic and fast-paced dystopic fantasy is sure to delight fans of Suzanne Collins, Cassandra Clare, and Jay Kristoff.
Middle-Grade Monthly: A Subscription Club
Middle-Grade Monthly is our new subscription service for kids ages 8-12! Each month our children's book buyer Lauren and school liaison Cassie will select a newly-released chapter book. Get your hands on the newest and soon-to-be coveted books of the year. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions, and you can pick up your book at the store or have it mailed to you. Click on the link below for FAQs about the program.

The October 2021 pick is Cuba In My Pocket by Adrianna Cuevas. To find out more about our subscription service, click here.
Picture Book Subscription Club: A Perfect Gift!
A Child's Library is a subscription service for children ages 0-5! Lauren and Cassie select one newly-released picture book each month to be sent or picked-up from the store. The goal of A Child's Library is to help foster a love for books within the child's home. It makes a great baby shower gift!

The October 2021 pick is It Fell From the Sky by The Fan Brothers. To find out more about our subscription service, click here.
Books to Celebrate National Native American Heritage Month
Dawn Quigley & Tara Audibert

Traci Sorell & Frané Lessac
Richard Van Camp
Suzanne Greenlaw, Gabriel Frey & Nancy Baker
Alice B. McGinty & Shonto Begay

Celina Kalluk & Alexandria Neonakis
Anna Harber Freeman, Barbara Gonzales & Aphelandra
New Releases for Kids & Teens
Rick Riordan
Kayla Miller, Jeffrey Canino & Kristina Luu
Maleeha Siddiqui
Lamar Giles & Derek Brooks
Cammie McGovern
Kathryn Lasky
Julie Berry
R.A. Salvatore & Erika Lewis
Margaret Owen
Jennifer A. Neilsen
In the Gift Department
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What We're Reading
Colleen L.

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