Wellesley Books Newsletter | November 10th, 2021
We know you may have heard this already if you're a bookish sort--in fact, bookstores' supply-chain woes even made it to the front page of the Boston Globe--but we'll say it again: in 2021, November truly is the new December. Our shelves are full, our minds are fresh, and we would love nothing more than to help you finish your holiday shopping early this year. Think about what you could do with all of that December free time! (Okay, the concept of December free time is a bit optimistic, but maybe this year we'll see the return of holiday gatherings? By the way, we have a hostess gift and a cookbook for that.)
Used Book Trade-Ins Are Back!
If you've been holding onto those gently read novels, or the kids have at long last outgrown that series of chapter books, bring them in! We're open for used book trade-ins from 1-4 on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and you do not need to book an appointment. 

Upcoming Events
Friday, November 12th at 7:00 PM (online)
Connie Schofield-Morrison reads Stitch By Stitch, her new picture book about a talented seamstress who was born a slave and bought freedom for herself and her son.

"...[A] three-dimensional presentation that brings to life the creativity and craftsmanship of Lizzy’s dresses. . . . An essential purchase that will strengthen all biography collections."
Monday, November 15th at 7:00 PM (in person)
Dan Shaughnessy, sports columnist for The Boston Globe and author of The Curse of the Bambino, presents Wish It Lasted Forever, his intimate look at Larry Bird and the 1980s Celtics.

"A fantastic read. . . . In its combination of off-court camaraderie and on-court intensity, Shaughnessy’s epic ode to the Bird-McHale-Parish Celtics evokes both Cheers and Hoosiers."
–Mike Barnicle, journalist
Wednesday, November 17th at noon (online)
Alexander McCall Smith, author of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, presents his 22nd installment, The Joy and Light Bus Company.

"Comfort-food reading, and never more welcome."

Alexander will be in conversation with Julia Spencer-Fleming, author of the Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mystery series.
Bookseller Recommendations
Sofia recommends:
The Matzah Ball by Jean Meltzer
Rachel Rubenstein-Goldblatt has a secret. The daughter of a famous Rabbi, she's grown up immersed in the Jewish community. Her pen name, though, is Margot Cross and she's the successful author of numerous Christmas romance novels. When her publisher asks her to write a Hanukkah romance, she's at a loss for inspiration. Luckily for Rachel, Jacob Greenberg, her summer camp archenemy and first love, is on his way back to New York to throw the biggest event of the season: The Matzah Ball Max. All she needs to do is schmooze her way to a ticket. A thoughtful portrayal of chronic illness that's full of meshugas and Jewish humor, this enemies-to-lovers romance is a delightful holiday read for anyone looking to celebrate those eight crazy nights with some Hanukkah magic.
Betty recommends:
Matrix by Lauren Groff
This 12th century tale is a vehicle that showcases the inner strengths of women, especially when they’re deprived of physical comforts. Groff's creation, based on a real woman, is imaginative, illuminating and employs a first class vocabulary. Here’s one more reason to be in awe of Lauren Groff.
Jane recommends:
Jacket Weather by Mike DeCapite
A middle-aged couple meet after many years apart and fall in love. Jacket Weather captures their relationship in perfectly crafted vignettes which tell their story. Michael Capite’s writing is beautiful and expressive, setting an evocative mood. The supporting characters are a treat--from the grumpy old men at the local gym to their longtime friends.Treat yourself to this dreamy read!
New In Hardcover
Gary Shteyngart
Louise Erdrich
Ken Follett
Michael Connelly
Sarah Winman
David Graeber & David Wengrow
Huma Abedin
Andrew Pettegree & Arthur der Weduwen
Tom Clavin
Emily Ratajkowski
Tim Marshall

Grace Bonney
H.W. Brands
New In Paperback
Tana French
Margaret Atwood
Natalie Haynes
Jane Smiley
Ernest Cline
Natalie Zina Walschots
Peter Guralnick
Rachel Hawkins
Bookseller Recommendations for Young Readers
Cassie recommends:
Little Thieves by Margaret Owen
Vanja wants just one thing. She wants enough money to escape the life of servitude her godmothers, Death and Fortune, have promised her. She has stolen many things, jewelry, clothes, money, and the identity of her former lady, the Princess Gisele. Cursed by a low god, Vanja only has a fortnight to return what she’s stolen before the jewels growing on her body will take over and kill her. Add in a looming wedding, another plot to kill her, a kind, nerdy prefect who knows more than he wants to let on, the daughter of the low god watching her every move, and the princess she left behind in the dirt, Vanja will claw her way out by any means necessary. A lifetime of isolation, Vanja knows that she’s the only person she can count on. Perfect for fans of Six of Crows, this Bavarian-inspired fantasy is a delightful adventure with found family, thrilling mysteries, and is full of heart. Maybe Vanja wants more than one thing, after all.
Middle-Grade Monthly: A Subscription Club
Middle-Grade Monthly is our new subscription service for kids ages 8-12! Each month our children's book buyer Lauren and school liaison Cassie will select a newly-released chapter book. Get your hands on the newest and soon-to-be coveted books of the year. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions, and you can pick up your book at the store or have it mailed to you. Click on the link below for FAQs about the program.

The November 2021 pick is Eddie Whatever by Lois Ruby. To find out more about our subscription service, click here.
Picture Book Subscription Club: A Perfect Gift!
A Child's Library is a subscription service for children ages 0-5! Lauren and Cassie select one newly-released picture book each month to be sent or picked-up from the store. The goal of A Child's Library is to help foster a love for books within the child's home. It makes a great baby shower gift!

The November 2021 pick is Our Table by Peter Reynolds. To find out more about our subscription service, click here.
New Books For Kids
Sharon M. Draper
Matthew Gray Gubler

Andrea Beaty & David Roberts

Jory John & Pete Oswald
Quinn Sosna-Spear
New Books For Young Adults
Garth Nix
Amanda Foody & Christine Lynn Herman
Neal & Jarrod Shusterman
Dustin Thao
Harmony Becker
Syed M. Masood
Roseanne A. Brown
Makiia Lucier
Marissa Meyer
In the Gift Department
It's a sockstravaganza at Wellesley Books these days. Fan-favorite World's Softest socks are back in stock, in addition to pretty and whimsical Socksmith prints. Or send your bestie a wearable positive affirmation.
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