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October 23rd, 2019
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Halloween might just be the best holiday of all, according to several Wellesley Booksellers--well, at least according to one of us. To celebrate, we have several magical reviews below--and some magic-free ones, for the Halloween abstainers out there--as well as a few new titles on our in-store "Old Favorites" display that might send a chill down your spine. (While you're browsing, watch out for the return of the giant spiders under our All Hallows Reads table.) There's nothing like burrowing in under a thick blanket with a creepy book--the perfect escape!
Upcoming Eventsevents

All events are free to the public, unless otherwise noted.
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Tonight! Wednesday, October 23rd, 7:00 PM
Home cooks and Milk Street fans, rejoice! Transform your cooking with Christopher Kimball and Milk Street: The New Rules, a playbook of new flavors, new recipes, and new techniques. This revelatory cookbook defines 75 new rules of cooking that will dramatically simplify your time in the kitchen and improve your results. Click here to sign up for this ticketed event. 
Thursday, October 24th, 7:00 PM
In Hungry, Esquire food critic Jeff Gordinier chronicles four years spent traveling with renowned Noma chef René Redzepi--with frequent visits from his merry band of friends--in search of the most tantalizing flavors the world has to offer. Hungry is a book about not only the hunger for food, but for risk, for reinvention, for creative breakthroughs, and for connection.
Wednesday, October 30th, 7:00 PM
New Yorker humorist John Kenney, author of the spot-on and mercilessly witty Love Poems for Married People, returns with Love Poems for People With Children. Kenney covers it all, from newborns, toddlers, and sleep deprivation, to the terrible twos, terrible tweens, and terrible teens.  
Tuesday, November 5th, 7:00 PM
Bestselling mystery author Ann Cleeves, noted for the Shetland and Vera series, begins her first new series in twenty years with The Long Call. Detective Matthew Venn is summoned back to the Devon community he thought he had left behind, as deadly secrets hidden at its heart are revealed, and his past and present collide. Click here to sign up for this ticketed event.
Our November 7th event with Joanne Chang is sold out!
If you would like to purchase a signed or personalized copy of her forthcoming book, Pastry Love, or any of her previous titles, you may visit our website (please specify "signed copy" in the order comments at checkout), give us a call, or stop by the store.  

Tuesday, November 12th, 7:00 PM
Join Massachusetts author George Howe Colt to learn about one pivotal football game, and its relevance in the present day, in The Game. On November 23, 1968, there was a turbulent and memorable football game: the season-ending clash between Harvard and Yale.
The Game is the story of an iconic American year, as seen through the young men who lived it and were changed by it.  
Coming later in November...
Book Clubs & Workshopsbookgroups
Rachael's Book Club for Kids

Jen Wang

Rachael Conrad carefully curates choices for children ages 8-12 who love to read. Join her for a lively discussion about a new book every month. Parents, if your child would like to attend, please contact Rachael to reserve your spot!

Teen Writers' Workshop

Join writing instructor (and children's book expert) Cassie Duncanson for a 90-minute workshop aimed at writers age 14 to 18. Classes began in September and will run monthly through June. To sign up, please contact Cassie.

Highly Educated: A Book Club for Teachers & Librarians

Adib Khorram

Highly Educated, a new book club for teachers and librarians, will meet once a month to discuss a middle-grade or Young Adult book. Please contact our School Liaison Rachael Conrad to join!
Bill's Book Group for Guys

Susan Orlean
 Fascinating characters, topics, and the birth of the city of Los Angeles revolve in this story of an arson fire in the LA public library, obscured in the media by the concurrent Chernobyl disaster.

Join Bill's Book Group for Guys for a relaxed evening in the store discussing a specially-chosen book while enjoying a beer, glass of wine, or select single-malt whiskey.  $25 buys the book and a ticket to the event.

Betty's Lunchtime Book Group

Nicole Chung
Betty Sudarsky, unparalleled bookseller emerita and experienced book club leader, chooses each book carefully and leads the discussion. Bring your own lunch if you like; Betty supplies snacks, drinks, and insight. No need to sign up; drop-ins are welcome.
Bookseller Recommendationsrecs

Cassie recommends:
Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir
Gideon the Ninth would very much like to get out of indentured servitude to the Ninth House, Keepers of the Locked Tomb. But when the Emperor is looking for necromancers, Harrowhawk, heir to the Ninth House and famed necromancer, decides to throw her hat in the ring. Gideon is the only swordswoman strong enough to take on the challenges posed by the emperor. Mad Max: Fury Road by way of Deadpool featuring necromancers and sword-fighting in space. Utterly ridiculous in the most extravagant and delightful ways.

Colleen L. recommends:
The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow
When you sit down to read this story you will not be able to stop! Dynamic characters, a story within a story, and an intricately woven setting will fill your senses and draw you in to many fantastical worlds. Fast-paced yet so beautifully written, I found myself slowing down to absorb every last detail. Very clever and entertaining with themes of family, loyalty and self-discovery, this is a new favorite that I suggest everyone read! 

Bill recommends:
Country by Michael Hughes
Mid-1990s Northern Ireland and The Troubles serve as the backdrop for this spectacular re-telling of The Iliad that arrives like a gut shot.  Fast and energetic, Country serves a great complement (or tonic) to Milkman depending on your experience.  Also terrific as an audio book (the author reads) because the language and cadence are such an important part of the experience.  Why not make this your introduction to Libro.fm through Wellesley Books!
Gillian recommends:
Wild Game by Adrienne Brodeur
A family tale like no other, Wild Game is an unflinching look at the dynamic created when a beloved mother makes her 13-year old daughter her confidante in a love affair with her husband's best friend. As the years go on, unquestioning devotion and complicity between mother and daughter are undermined by their destructive secret.

Sally recommends:
Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout
Olive is back. In more beautiful sentences than you can count, Elizabeth Strout writes of loneliness, aging, grief, divorce, acceptance, nature, politics and most of all love, with Olive's typical feistiness and honesty.
New In Hardcovernewreleases

Agent Running in the Field
John Le Carré

Edna O'Brien

The Guardians
John Grisham

All This Could Be Yours
Jami Attenberg

The Night Fire
Michael Connelly

To the Land of Long Lost Friends
Alexander McCall Smith

Dad's Maybe Book Tim O'Brien

A Year Without a Name
Cyrus Grace Dunham

Home Work
Julie Andrews

Edmund Morris

Holly George-Warren

Elton John

Medallion Status
John Hodgman

The Body
Bill Bryson

Touched by the Sun
Carly Simon
New In Paperback

Barbara Kingsolver

In Pieces
Sally Field

The Last Pass
Gary M. Pomerantz

Billion Dollar Whale Tom Wright & Bradley Hope

Andrew Roberts

The Point of it All
Charles Krauthammer
Bookseller Recommendations For Young Readerskids
Rachael recommends:
The Okay Witch by Cara Hoffman
Thirteen-year-old Moth Hush's whole world is turned upside down when she discovers that she, too, is a witch. Moth wants nothing more in the world than for her mother to teach her about her newfound powers. Moth's mother, a witch herself, is less than thrilled, though. Not only does the Hush family come with centuries-old witch drama, the Massachusetts town that Moth and her mother live in has its own dark and complicated past that would give Salem a run for its money. With the help of a Yiddish-speaking cat, an enchanted diary, and a new best friend, Moth begins to uncover the truth about what happened decades ago and what it takes to be a witch in this magical debut.
New Books For Kids

New Books For Young Adults

Tarnished Are the Stars
Rosiee Thor

Light It Up
 Kekla Magoon

Nic Stone

War Girls
Tochi Onyebuchi

I Hope You Get This Message
Farah Naz Rishi

Girls Who Run the World
Diana Kapp
Bookseller Recommendations For Young Adults 
Joy recommends:
Fireborne by Rosaria Munda
Bold and full of heart, this coming-of-age (and coming out) novel is all about intersectionality and family, both found and blood. It's illuminating, funny, real and a page-turner to the end!

New in the Gift Department gifts
 Play a spooky game while you're waiting for the doorbell to ring.
Available for Pre-Order Now

Marissa Meyer

The Beautiful Ones

Blue Moon
Lee Child
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