To limit the spread of COVID-19, restrictions have been placed on the on-premise consumption of food or drink at bars and restaurants through April 6– however, take-out food is still permissible under the restriction. Please refer to the list below for take-out options in Wellfleet.

As a precaution you are encouraged to call-in orders to limit exposure to others, and remember to practice social distancing etiquette while in the presence of other patrons and restaurant staff. Refer to restaurant websites for menus or call about items available. Some are offering delivery services and curbside pick-up.

And if you are able, support members of the community by tipping the staff working in the restaurants you patronize.

We will continue to keep in touch. Please continue to follow the advice and instructions of the CDC and other health organizations to keep yourself and your people safe.

Box Lunch
50 Briar Lane, Wellfleet

Open 8am-2:30pm
* Call-in (preferable) or take-out
C-Shore Kitchen + Bar
554 Route 6, Wellfleet

Open 4pm-close
* Call-in, take-out, curbside pick-up. Daily specials will be listed on their website.

The Fox & Crow Cafe
6 Commercial Street, Wellfleet

The restaurant is not open for take-out, however are offering free breakfast for those in need, including students and family members, seniors, disabled persons and food insecure households. The program will operate M-F, 8-10am. They will likely be expanding to include weekends and take home meals, either free or at a reduced cost. Check their website and social media for program details and updates.

JB's Pizza Bar & Grill
955 Route 6, S. Wellfleet

Open 11am-9pm (delivery available 4-9pm)
* Call-in or take-out  

In Our Neighboring Communities
Fanizzi's By The Sea
539 Commercial Street, Provincetown

Open 11:30am-9pm
* Call-in or take-out  
*If you are traveling from far, be sure and call to confirm hours of operation.

Post Office Box 571
Wellfleet, MA 02667

President Bob "Moo" Morrill
Vice President Bob McCaffery,  Even'tide Resort Motel and Cottages
Secretary Diane Hall,  VR's Restaurant
Treasurer Brian Anderson,  Seamen's Bank   
Lara Henry, Executive Administrator
Board of Directors:
Todd Barry,  Moby Dick's Restaurant
Molly Galvin-Kasakoff,  C ommunity Member at Large
Ken Granlund, Jr,   Mainstay Motel
Steven Lam,  The Furies
Todd LeBart,  The Beachcomber
Sylvia Smith, CPA
Ted Wilson,   Wellfleet Motel  
Martha Wilson,  Pine Moorings Cottages

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