April 2021 | Issue 5
Water Bill Breakdown
Efficient water use is a long-term investment. Your monthly water bill payments are working to ensure our ability to deliver safe reliable drinking water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The following cost categories are associated with water treatment and have been broken out to describes what percent of your bill goes to which category.
  • Purchase of Raw Water (28%) is the largest expense at over 1.6 million dollars annually. The less water residents use, the less water that needs to be cleaned, delivered, and treated in the wastewater process. Even saving 20 gallons of water per resident a month would reduce the record breaking usage seen in recent months.
  • Debt Service (21%) is the cost associated with loans acquired for necessary facilities such as the water treatment plant expected to be complete in 2024.
  • Operations (20%) includes costs such as lab materials for water testing, sludge removal, and treatment supplies.
  • Indirect Overhead (16%) includes administrative support such as accounting, insurance, GIS mapping, and payroll.
  •  Infrastructure (15%) is the maintenance and upkeep of the complex machines, pipes, and storage containers needed to produce and deliver safe water.