July 2021 | Issue 8
Wellington Public Library - Message from the Director
Hello to you and may this message find you and yours in good health and spirit. 
 We at WPL would like to take this opportunity to share with you how we have been adhering to our ideals of Community. Connection. Curiosity. We take our responsibility and duty as stewards of the public library and our residents with vigor and respect. With this belief and practice, we have been busy innovating and increasing the access of the library to all members of our community. WPL is increasingly connecting and collaborating with locally owned businesses, community entities, and programs throughout northern Colorado in a concerted effort to partner and offer new and innovative opportunities to all residents and the fulfillment of curiosity. We believe at WPL that a community that works together increases our vibrancy and sustainable strength in connection. The events we have held have all included the generous participation and sponsorship of community members, volunteers, and businesses which have helped us see some of the largest attendees, and we thank you for all for these successes. 
The Summer Reading Program has garnered numbers of participants that we have not seen in years. We have much gratitude for Wellington and our patrons coming together to join in this manner to improve and nurture literacy for all ages. This year, we have adults participating which has been wonderful to witness as adults and caregivers that model reading and literacy to our youth only improve the vitality of language and readership. Thank you to ALL that have joined, and we cannot wait to give away our final prizes! The events that we have shared during the Summer Reading Program have seen high turnout and many smiling faces. The Once Upon a Field Day event was a huge success, as was the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. Thank you to everyone that came out and enjoyed celebrating with one another. Make sure you check our website and social media platforms for upcoming events and programs to stay connected and explore your curiosity even further.
Currently, we are proud to announce the collaboration and partnership with Liberty Common High School and their Engineering Department and the Colorado State University Engineering Department with our first Robotics demonstration and event. The students of Liberty Common will be sharing their experience and success with robot building and participation in local, state, and national competitions. The robots they designed, built, and implemented for challenges will be demonstrated and shared with our youth here in Wellington at the Leeper Center on Saturday, July 10th, from 1-3 p.m. We encourage pre-registration via our website as space is limited. Our youth will learn about engineering, robotics, coding, 3D printing, and will be able to drive and control the robots in a battle bot competition. The event is all encompassing demonstrating a full path from elementary all the way to university engagement and we could not be more appreciative and thrilled to be able to offer this experience. We hope to see many curious and engaged attendees!
Finally, we at WPL are developing more programs and accessibility to our community through programs such as county wide technology and workforce improvements and initiatives, fiscal health and growth classes with Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union, a youth led and managed journalism program exploring our community from the perspective and voice of our future leaders, and a large collaborative xeriscaping project at WPL coming soon. Each one of these upcoming programs could not be done without the support and time of numerous volunteers, business leaders, Town of Wellington entities, and you…our most faithful patrons and supporters. We at WPL have much gratitude, admiration, and appreciation for everyone that engages with our public library and the exciting direction we are heading. Thank you.
May you and yours continue to have a healthy and happy summer enjoying the myriad of events and festivities this wonderful town and state offer. We look forward to meeting more new patrons and participants in our ever evolving and expanding library. 
Best regards,
 Ross LaGenèse