June 2021 | Issue 7
2020 Water Quality Report!
The Town of Wellington is pleased to present the 2020 Water Quality Report as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Colorado to inform customers about the quality of their drinking water. The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report includes details about the origin of the Town water supply, what it contains, and how it compares to state standards. Based on water quality monitoring data collected in 2020, the Town of Wellington's water met or surpassed all state and federal drinking water health standards, which are the primary standards for treating and monitoring water. All state compliance testing was completed by a State of Colorado certified laboratory.

In 2020 water for the Town of Wellington customers was produced from two water sources using four unique treatment systems. The water sources include the primary source for the Water Treatment Plant, North Poudre Irrigation Reservoir #3, as well as a groundwater well system. The North Poudre Irrigation Reservoir #3 is located Northwest of the Town, and it includes the conventional treatment, as well as the Micro-Filtration Unit. The Town-owned wells which provide the water for the Nano-Filtration Unit and the reverse osmosis unit are located on the Coal Creek alluvial aquifer. Once the well water is treated through those units, it is blended into the overall distribution system.

Total production totals for both sources are as follows: 363 million gallons were produced from the North Poudre Reservoir #3 Conventional/Micro Filtration treatment plant. 59 million gallons were produced from the well system through the Nano-Filtration Unit.

The Town of Wellington remains committed to producing safe drinking water by fully satisfying all health, safety, and reporting standards for 2020. To view the full report, use the button below.