May 2021 | Issue 6
Waste Water Treatment Plant Background and Update
The original Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in 2002 (Phase 1). An expansion to the plant occurred in 2016 to service existing demands and population to roughly 10,000 (Phase 2). A Master Plan was initiated by Jacobs in August 2019 for the Collection System and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The WWTP portion of the Master Plan completed in July 2020 demonstrated the need for WWTP expansion (Phase 3). State regulatory requirements also play a role in this needed expansion and the plant’s ability to properly treat the incoming wastewater. This Phase 3 expansion would double the existing plant’s hydraulic capacity (0.9 MGD to 1.8 MGD), provide treatment ability to meet State regulatory requirements, come online in early 2024, and provide future service to a population of roughly 25,000. Design of Phase 3 expansion was initiated with Jacobs in December 2020 for roughly $4.9M. (This includes design fees and construction management fees.) Design decisions are currently being made as the team approaches the 30 percent level with that package expected to be delivered early May 2021.

Town staff presented financial information to the Board of Trustees at the April 20, 2021 work session (recording available here). The presentation included a spreadsheet model which allowed the team to input funding scenarios and see the results immediately. More than 50 different scenarios were explored. The goal is to find a balance between impact fees, sewer base rate, usage rates, and maintain fund balance without chasing away development, overburdening current users, and the ability to service the debt.

A follow-up presentation and update will be presented at a Board of Trustees Work Session in the future. To view meeting information such as packets and minutes, click here.