September 2021 | Issue 10
Meagan Smith Named Deputy Director of Public Works
Water is a topic recently flooding the minds of many Wellington residents. The Board of Trustees heard the communities desire to solve problems of the past, preparing Wellington for a prosperous future. A significant step in the right direction is welcoming Meagan Smith to the Town as the Deputy Director of Public Works. Smith’s background is saturated with experience that perfectly meets the needs of Wellington. As a water resources engineer, Smith’s career has focused specifically on water for over 15 years.  
Smith has always been interested in water, including completing her first water experiment during her fourth-grade science fair. After some time in the private sector, Smith fell into her passion for municipal service. Smith said, “nothing beats producing arguably the most essential service for your community, getting to bear witness to the projects that impact everyone every day.”  
Growing up in northeast Oklahoma, Smith’s introduction to water was primarily focused on avoiding challenges created by an excess of water, keeping people and infrastructure safe from flooding. Moving to Colorado to pursue a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Smith quickly took to a very different challenge, ensuring water efficiency in our *headwater state. After working in Northern Colorado for over ten years Smith said “I am most excited for the opportunity to contribute to strengthening a utility that can reliably support Wellington residents of today and in years to come. Proper planning and strategy ensure the children and grandchildren of this community do not suffer unnecessary burdens.” 
Patti Garcia, Town Administrator commented, “we are ecstatic to have Meagan Smith on board. She has built a reputation as an expert in raw water and is the perfect person to represent Wellington at the table of many important conversations happening across the region.” In the coming weeks, Smith will prioritize getting to know her team and diving into the Wellington water system.  
*Colorado is a headwaters state meaning water supplying four major river basins originates in our state. Colorado’s basins include the Platte (northern Front Range), the Arkansas (southern Front Range), the Rio Grande (southern Colorado), and the Colorado (western Colorado). Together, these rivers supply water to 17 downstream states and two countries — the United States and Mexico.