WEEK 7:  Move to Live!
Feb. 21, 2016

This week we tackle a biggie... Movement.  

It seems hard to believe now, but for a good 6 years of my life, prior to opening Embody, I spent 8+ hours a day at a desk in my cubicle or home office.  During most of this time, I had no regular movement/exercise practice.  My body has never hurt more.  My back was in constant pain and my right hand/arm/shoulder would alternate between being numb, tingling, or burning from incessantly using the keyboard and mouse. 

4 years later, it feels like I'm living in a completely different body.  That is the power of movement.  

Read on for the this week's Weekly Wellness Tip, Journal Activity, Deal of the Week, Features, Prize Details and more.

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With love and admiration,
Christina Wolf

Wellness Tip: Movement Will Save Your Life, and Help You Live it with Joy
My no-cost stand-up desk.

You know that 'no smoking' sign, the one showing a red slash through a lit cigarette? Well, today's biggest health sign would be a red slash through a person sitting in a chair.

For years now, the medical establishment has been issuing the warning that our sedentary lifestyle is killing us. Studies like this one show that sitting as much as we do increases the risk of developing disease by as much as 40%. It's especially detrimental to our health that so many of us put in 8-10 hours at the office sitting at a desk and then another 2-3 hours at home on the couch watching TV in the evening. This alone increases our risk of heart disease by 64%.

And just exercising 30 minutes per day isn't enough to counteract the bad effects of all that sitting. In fact, too much sitting can actually  undermine the benefits of exercise. Experts are now arguing for more activity spread throughout the day. Evidence so far suggests that a more movement-oriented lifestyle not only improves our health but shows productivity boosts as well. 

Here are some tips to get your move on:
  • Consider switching to a standing desk. This doesn't have to cost you or your company a boatload of dough. I set my keyboard on top of a cardboard file box and connected my monitor to an inexpensive arm to raise and lower it. Search around; that trash can overflowing with coffee cups might serve you better as a monitor stand.
  • When you are standing at that desk, add some movement. Try a couple of yoga poses, such as clasping your hands behind your back and straightening your arms, even inverting into a forward bend with your hands still clasped. Lying on the floor with your legs up the wall is also a good way to reverse blood flow and stretch out your back muscles. 
  • Practice Nia's 52 Moves throughout the day. Your coworkers are bound to find your squish walks, table wipes, and hip bumps entertaining! And all your dinnertime prep needs is a little shimmy, trust me.
  • Place a small glass for water at your desk, and make sure you keep it filled. I specify small because then you have to get up more often to fill it. You get bonus points on this one for staying hydrated, too.
  • Hold one-on-one meetings as a walk. You can also inaugurate the "standing meeting," in the literal sense.
  • Try to get up every half hour or hour, even if it's just to walk around your office. If your building has stairs, use them! Climbing the stairs is a 220% energy increase over sitting.
I don't want you to take this article as a reprimand, by the way. As a professional sitter myself, it's been a lifelong struggle for me to find a way to work without feeling my already pain-inducing scoliotic spine contorting into unhealthy postures as I hunch over the computer. I can't wait for the day that we all get super-cool, swipey, room-sized computer walls like in "Minority Report," along with adult recess! But until then, let's do what we can to get off our butts whenever possible--without beating ourselves up about it. It's not our fault modern life has come to this, seriously.

So it's really pretty simple. In addition to the exercise you're already getting through your classes at Embody, add short bursts of activity throughout the day. This will help you get the most of your exercise, enabling you to burn more calories overall, avoid disease, be healthier, and feel amazing!

Journal Prompt: From Sitting to Standing to Dancing!

Record the amount of time you spend sitting each day. OK, now that you've done that horrifying math, let it go. That's the old you, The Sitter. Now meet the new you, The Mover. Better yet, The Shaker. The Shaker really knows how to shimmy!

Now run through the moves you do in your classes. Which ones are your favorites? C'mon, I've seen you looking pretty boss in Warrior Pose. Some of you are scooping with glee in this month's Nia "Pulse" routine. And you belly dancers, I can only imagine! List your favorite moves, and then note which ones would be easiest to incorporate into the rest of your day, when you're not in class. Don't forget the freestyle aspects of dance as well. Are there movements that just feel natural and good to you? 

After a day or two as The Shaker, record the difference. How do you feel with movement integrated throughout your day? What's changed?

Embody's Featured Wellness Coalition Partner: 
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"If you can talk, you can sing. If you can move, you can dance.

 - Jana Stanfield, from"Sing, Love, Dance," used in the Nia routine "Beautiful"


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Returning Challenger Q & A  
with Lisa Glascock
Lisa modeling our Embody Soothing Tea at the Holiday party
Q: What was the biggest factor in your success in completing the challenge last year?
A: The punch card and challenging myself to complete more than one.

Q: Who or what was is the greatest support for your practice?
A:  My friends and Embody family. 

Q:  How has your practice enhanced your life?
A:  It has made me realize size doesn't matter.  Being plus size I can still do yoga or Nia.  I don't have lower back pain anymore or feel so stiff. It has/is making me feel better about myself and challenging myself to try new things.

Embody Teacher Feature: Rachael Prince, Nia
Rachael teaching Nia for Kids
The rhythm of dance has been running through Rachael Prince's life from an early age. "I was the little girl who wanted to be a ballerina," she says.

Growing up in rural Oregon, she was lucky enough to have an aunt who funded her dance habit, which stayed with her through high school. But then she took a break to focus on her roles as wife and mother, as well as give her feet a much-needed respite.

The dance hiatus lasted until she came to work as a receptionist for Embody. Leaving her bank job behind, Rachael was thrilled to be a part of the studio. "I was helping people instead of seeing them as a means to an end."

The step into teaching was a natural for her, something she began to want within her first few Nia classes. She just didn't imagine she'd get there so fast. 

In the beginning, her dance training seemed to work against her as much as it had prepared her for Nia, since the technique is so different. "It took me forever to learn to heel lead," she admits. But her lifelong addiction to dance in general quickly morphed into an addiction to Nia in particular. "Nia gives me permission to be me," she says. "It's very freeing."

Even the problems she'd had with her feet seemed to dissipate through Nia. She witnessed them getting stronger through practice, her pain disappearing. Now, Nia is so integrated into her life that she recently realized she practices the 13 principles every day, without even thinking about it.

Nia is part of Rachael's future plan: to one day have her own studio, perhaps in Bend, Oregon. "It'll be a while," she says with a smile. "But yes. One day."

Week 7 Prize Giveaway
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