"You should take time to exercise Gayathri" my psychiatrist said decades ago, while I was in the midst of a severe depressive episode. And, I remember thinking, I am not an athlete or a social elite. I am a mother and homemaker. I don't have the time or the need for exercise. But, my psychiatrist insisted that exercise could relieve my depression and boost my overall well-being. I am glad I finally followed his advice. Over the last three decades, I have exercised five times a week - a combination of yoga, Pilates, walking, weight-training and cardio-machines. Like many people, I don't always jump out of bed wanting to exercise, but sticking to my workout routine has helped me create a healthy, vibrant life. Please explore the 7 Benefits of Regular Exercise and create your own exercise routine. 

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You Can Recover - Beckie's Message of Hope

I have had the pleasure of knowing Beckie for many years now, and have been awe-inspired by her courage and resilience. Beckie Child is a professor of Social Work at Portland State University and is currently working on her PhD. She has been hospitalized over twenty times and been homeless three times. Yet,she has persisted through it all to create a healthy, meaningful, productive life. "No matter how difficult your challenges are, life gets better" Beckie insists.


Stories have the power to inform, inspire and transform lives. If you have a recovery story, please   submit your story today. Your story will  give HOPE to people struggling with mental health issues around the world, and inspire them to recover and rebuild a healthy, meaningful, productive life.


August 26-28, 2016
The Power of Storytelling 
International Association of Peer Supporters Conference
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

October 7, 2016
Together We Thrive
ASHA International's 10th Anniversary Celebration
Rock Creek Country Club
15100 NW Neakahnie Ave.
Portland, OR 97229

November 11-12, 2016
The Power of Storytelling 
DBSA I to We Leadership Weekend
Akron, Ohio
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November 26-28, 2016
Trans-Cultural Dialogues about Mental Health, Extreme states and Alternatives for Recovery
INTAR International Conference
Pune, India
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