How to Support People You Care About 
We all heard that self-care is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle but it's not the only type of care a person needs. Giving our time and energy to others can be just as nourishing to our soul as taking care of ourselves. Below are some ways in which you can support others when they are going through challenging times:

  • Offer to Help in Practical Ways. For example, make a meal and bring it to their home; pick up groceries or run other errands for them; take their dog for a walk.
  • Create a Safe Environment. For example, be present by answering their calls and texts; listen without offering advice or trying to fix things; guard their privacy and keep things shared with you in confidence; be their friend and not their therapist or doctor.
  • Demonstrate That You Care. For example, ask what you could do to help and then follow through; when together, focus on them and not your phone; be patient and avoid hurrying them through a conversation; offer to do something fun together like have coffee, see a movie or go for a walk.
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