Tips for a Healthier Sweet-tooth 
April is a National Oral Health Month. It is not a secret that bacteria feed on sugars in your mouth. The more sugar you eat, the higher your risk of tooth decay. Below are five tips to help you minimize tooth decay as you enjoy sweets:

  1. Eat sweets at mealtimes rather than between meals. You’re likely to eat less of them and there is more saliva in your mouth from eating a meal that can help wash the sugar from your teeth.
  2. Avoid hard candies. They bathe your mouth in sugar for a long period of time and they can also chip or crack teeth if bitten on.
  3. Be careful of chewy candies and dried fruit. They stick to the teeth and can even pull out dental work like fillings.
  4. Watch for hidden sugars in food/beverages. Food that is high in carbohydrates, like pasta, breaks down to sugar. Also, be mindful of every teaspoon of sugar you put in your coffee or tea.
  5. Read the labels carefully. There are many alternate names for sugar, such as fructose and dextrose.
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