Working from Home Wellness Reminders
Many of us have been working from home for close to 10 months. The following are some reminders from WorkSafeNB to promote our health and wellbeing while working from home:

  • Check your posture regularly. Ensure that the small of your back is supported, your shoulders are relaxed (not slumped and not elevated), and that there is no pressure under your thighs. 
  • Don’t ignore any physical discomfort. Look for possible causes of it as soon as possible. For example, ensure that you are working in a neutral posture (view infographic).
  • Take breaks. Take frequent mini-breaks throughout the day to give your muscles and joints a chance to rest and recover. Your body wants you to move! 
  • Avoid distractions. If possible, work in a quiet room with the door closed. If there are distracting noises, try headphones, ear plugs, soft music or a quiet fan to reduce or mask the sounds.
  • Avoid glare. Reduce or eliminate glare by using window shades, diffusers on overhead lighting and anti-glare filters for computers.
  • Continue to socialize. Not all stress is physical. To help fill the socializing gap while working remotely, find a colleague/friend you can call to have a virtual coffee break/lunch with.
  • Exercise. You might be getting less of it when working at home. You may be walking less because you are not commuting to and from an office, going to meetings, and so on. Ensure that you make time to exercise when working at home.
Wellness Tip Source:
WorkSafeNB (With some modifications/additions)