Tips to Prevent Video Conference Fatigue 
A constant sense of needing to be "on" and "available" that comes with virtual video conference meetings can be mentally exhausting, lead to screen fatigue and increased stress. Below are 5 tips from Psychology Today to help you reduce fatigue associated with video conference calls/meetings:

  • Schedule non-screen breaks on your calendar. Aim at having 5 to 15-minute breaks in between back-to-back video conference meetings to help you recharge. Take the time to stretch, take a brief walk, or move around and avoid screen time/checking your phone during these breaks. 
  • Prop up your screen in order to keep the camera directly at eye level so that you will be looking straight ahead into the camera. This will help prevent neck pain.
  • Keep your background as minimal as possible to minimize distraction to both you and the other participants and increase focus
  • Close other windows and mute notifications on your device(s), including social media feeds, emails, and text messages. This helps minimize distractions/interruptions which can further exhaust your brain. 
  • In your downtime, go offline. Engage in relaxing activities that don't require being on a screen such as meditation, listening to music, cooking, going for a walk, reading a book, or calling a friend.
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