Tips for Coping With Change
Even though the one constant in life is change, adjusting to a new normal can be challenging. You may feel higher levels of stress and a range of emotions including sadness. Below are five tips to help you navigate change and transitions:

  1. Acknowledge that things are changing. Sometimes we get caught up in fighting change that we delay dealing with it. Focus your attention on the aspects of the change that you can control.
  2. Realize that even good change can cause stress. Sometimes even a positive life change can create a great deal of stress. Remind yourself that stress is your body's way of reacting to change and that it is okay to feel stressed even when something good has happened.
  3. Maintain your regular routines as much as possible. Structure and routine can be comforting in the midst of change. Also, look for opportunities to incorporate stress-relieving activities into your day such as going for a walk, listening to music, etc.
  4. See the positives that have come from this change. Reframe your thinking. Instead of concentrating on the negative aspects of change, acknowledge how some things may have become better as a result.
  5. Vent, but to a point. Having a support group to whom you can vent can be helpful if the conversation also focuses on action: What can you do to make things better? When people brainstorm together, their creativity and hopefulness can be contagious. 
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