Reconnecting with Friends as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease 
COVID-19 affected many aspects of our lives and friendships are not an exception. While many of us stayed virtually in touch with our closest friends, some of our casual friendships may have withered. Below are five suggestions to help you re-establish ties with people you have fallen out of touch over the last year:
  1. Reach Out. Relationships require effort; be proactive and reach out to those you have lost touch with to say “Hi” and reconnect.
  2. Make Plans. Plan to get together in person if you are comfortable based on public health guidelines. You may want to start with planning an outdoor activity such as meeting at a park for a walk.
  3. Consider the Other Person’s Comfort Level. Not everyone has the same risk tolerance; it is a good idea to ask the other person what their boundaries are before making plans.
  4. Respect Personal Physical Space. You might be used to greeting a friend with a hug but hold off for now unless you clear it first with the other person.
  5. Don’t Worry if You are Out of Practice. The pandemic has forced us to reduce our social interactions and changed how we connect with others. It is normal to feel socially awkward at first.    
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