Tips to Help You be a More Patient Person 
The person in front of you in the drive-thru apparently is ordering everything on the menu; as a project deadline approaches, your computer chooses to perform a lengthy software update; and to top it all, the copier is jammed. These circumstances can make one feel anxious, agitated, angry and exasperated. Below are five tips to help you strengthen your patience skills.

  1. Practice mindfulness. Be in the present moment, without judging. Simply sit quietly and notice your breath. Notice what distracts you from your breath, then ease yourself back into awareness of your breath.
  2. Actively build tolerance. Start by teaching yourself to wait. Master being patient in micro-moments, for instance, let other people go ahead of you in line or in traffic, don’t act on every impulse to check your phone.
  3. Be a good listener. Listen carefully and patiently to what others are saying. Focus on understanding, rather than on formulating your response.
  4. Take a break by shifting focus. Step away from the situation. Shift your attention to sounds, smells, taste, or mindful movements.
  5. Reflect on the circumstances. When a situation arises that tests your patience, ask yourself, “Will this matter in a year? A month? A day?” If the answer is no or not really, take a deep breath and let the impatience go on the exhale. 
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