Healthy Choices for Stressful Times
Are you getting stressed???

I’m getting STRESSED!!!!!

Time to DE-stress!

Stress Test

1.       Feel tired for no good reason?
2.      Have headaches or an unexplained back pain?
3.      Eat a lot more or a lot less than you usually do?
4.      Have trouble sleeping?
5.      Have more colds than usual?
6.      Suddenly have flashes of anger or fight more with your family and friends?
7.      Let little things bother you?
8.      Feel sad, moody, and lonely?
9.      Have trouble thinking as clearly as you usually do?

If you answered yes to these questions think about DE-STRESSING… Here are some suggestions. (Download this graphic to share with others!)

OR Go to Church! It's good for you!

Blessings and have a mentally healthy day!
Susan Lee, LCSW,
Your Comfort My People Coach

Facilitator of Presbytery of St. Augustine's
Comfort My People: Mental Health in Healthy Congregations