December 11, 2019

Part of the PIES(S) model for wellness includes the S for S piritual / S pirituality.

The holidays are a great time to nurture your spirit, and to spend time with the Holy Spirit. As I was asked to identify some helpful hints for the Holidays, I went to what I was most familiar with, a clinical guide of “Mentally Healthy Tips for the Holidays.” 

Then, my thinking shifted; and I’d like to think it was the S pirit moving. I realized I was given an opportunity to think less Freud and more Jesus. I realized God gave us THE BEST HINTS for how to have a Healthy Holiday. So I’d like to suggest you read Exodus 20 . I promise it will sound familiar.

My recommendation is very easy and practical: 

Just read these passages through the lens of YOUR LIFE situation and that of your family. If this was written today, what would it be talking about?