A Personal Word from Mary T. Mickel
Please join me in a morning devotional, using the  PCUSA on-line lectionary , and Prayer for the Day.  May grace, mercy, and peace be with you.  Amen (Let it be so). 

Today's Wellness Wednesday message is a personal word from Mary T. Mickel about the blessing she’s experienced from our PIES for Wellness and mental health ministry.

“Susan Lee ... provides us with a Wellness Wednesday moment ... and it has encouraged me to take care of myself intellectually, spiritually, emotionally ... and I’ve begun to adopt some of the practices she recommends." 
The Wellness Wednesday online newsletter provides tips, hints, and ideas for bringing balanced spirituality to your life for good mental health. Let us hear from you about your approach to self-care and mental health.
Don’t forget to end your day with the evening verse from today’s lectionary. 

Blessings and have a mentally healthy day!

Susan Lee, LCSW,
Your Comfort My People Coach

Facilitator of Presbytery of St. Augustine's
Comfort My People: Mental Health in Healthy Congregations