January 2020
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Your Guide to a Healthful New Year
Willpower vs. Habit
The new year symbolizes a new beginning or a clean slate. It is a time many resolve to do better, set new goals or kick an old habit. However, according to the US News and World Report, 80% of all New Year's resolutions fail by February. Why is this? The energy and positive intentions are wasted and you are left with feelings of guilt after such a failure. Experts suggest willpower alone will not lead to long term changes in behavior.
The Consiglio Wellness Center is excited to announce the addition of wellness expert Mike Hagerty to the team.
Former Blue Springs teacher and coach, Mike Hagerty has recently been named the new Health and Wellness Coordinator at the CWC. Hagerty comes to the Consiglio Wellness Center as no stranger to the Blue Springs Community. He previously taught at the Blue Springs High School in the business department as a personal finance teacher and additionally served as the head wrestling coach for 25 years. Mike's passion for health and wellness and coaching has lead him to a full-time health coaching career. He is a certified transformation coach and focuses on both health and life coaching. Hagerty's major responsibilities with the CWC will be to build health and wellness programming for the district and the CWC consortium.
Changing Your Diet and Where to Begin
Are you looking to improve your diet but not sure where to begin? Whether you are trying to lower your blood pressure, lose weight or control your blood sugar, the options can be overwhelming leaving you wanting to give up before you start.

Schedule an appointment today with your Wellness Team at the CWC to learn your numbers and make an individualized game plan to get the results you want.
Do you want to stay healthy?

Germs are everywhere! They are on doorknobs, counter tops, keyboards, phones and the list goes on. Germs can live on surfaces for hours, even days. What can you do to prevent illness?

  • Wash your hands
  • Teach your family to wash their hands
  • Model good hand washing
  • Disinfect surfaces - especially during cold and flu season  
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