March 2020
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What Does CWC Mean to Me?
From Prevention to Treatment, We've Got You Covered
The Consiglio Wellness Center is a convenient and affordable solution to healthcare when you need it most. The clinic provides treatment of many ailments and injuries; as well as opportunities for health promotion and coaching. All employees, regardless of their insurance coverage, may take advantage of CWC services.
Make Your Health A Habit

Willpower alone isn't enough to make a long lasting change to your health. Experts agree, determination waxes and wanes making it very difficult to make the same choice each time without fail. Success is achieved when the behavior is no longer a conscious choice; rather, when it becomes second nature as with a habit.
Mindfulness: A Wellness Opportunity For Everyone
Fitness Class Schedule
✨Classes now available✨
  • Yoga
  • Cross Training
  • Pound
  • The Turn Up
  • Yoga Flow
Consiglio Wellness Center - Your Convenient Care
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