January 2021
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Baby Steps For Big Results
The tradition of making New Year's resolutions is thousands of years old. Yet, each year people struggle with the success of their resolutions. The New Year brings a feeling of a new beginning and the start of a "new you." Some of the most common resolutions include losing weight, eating better, and exercising more. With the best intentions, people set out to make big and drastic changes to improve their lives. Unfortunately, these super sized changes often don't last. They become overwhelming and difficult to sustain. According to VeryWellMind.com, starting with small steps can improve your chance of success. It is important to make a plan that includes measurable yet attainable goals. Start small and work your way towards short term goals. Click the link below for the related article and more tips to make your New Year's resolutions a success.
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COVID-19 Testing Now Available
Through a partnership with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the school district, CWC is able to provide an antigen based rapid COVID test. The tests are available to employees only. 
Employees will be required to call ahead, answer screening questions and present their District ID Badge at the time of the test as confirmation of eligibility. The tests are performed via “Drive Thru” at the Consiglio Wellness Center. The nasal swab is performed while you are in your vehicle. Results are available in approximately 15-20 minutes.
Although spouses and dependents are not eligible for this specific program, the CWC nurse practitioners remain able to order tests for these individuals through outside sources.
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