September 2020
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Announcing A New Service at CWC
Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program
Are you looking to achieve life-long health benefits from weight loss? Fad or short term diets often provide little results or the weight is ultimately regained and often more than you lost. After trying dozens of diets with no success, it leaves you feeling hopeless.
In order to achieve long-term results, it is important to set a goal of optimal health and well-being. This goal might include increased energy, decreased physical pain, quality sleep and even decreased anxiety.
Ideal body weight is only one part of overall wellness. CWC has developed a program to aid in weight loss, as well as, assist you in developing and achieving a lifestyle that will benefit your health for a lifetime.
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Check out these fitness opportunities

The CWC "Commit 2B Fit" group sponsors classes at the Blue Springs South Aquatic Center every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


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