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Experiencing Deeper Change  
While Inviting Others To Change
Dr. Will Lee,
West End Community Church - Nashville, TN

Why does a person like Will Lee, husband, father of 2 active boys and professor of OBGYN at Vanderbilt Medical School, keep coming back to the Battle for the Heart and bringing others with him? 

"I have seen more transformation in my life in the past four years than the previous 28. I'm experiencing the love of the Father in ways I only read or talked about prior to going to the Battle for the Heart ,"

Will said as he reflected on the impact the Battle for the Heart process has had on his life.

Will attends West End Community Church in Nashville, TN and came to his first Battle for Men's Hearts four years ago. He is coming through for the fourth time leading his third team of men and said,

"There is nothing more significant I can do than play a part in a man discovering who he was created to be, finding his part in the Larger Story and inspiring and equipping him to impact his family and spheres of influence.

Living from a whole heart and effectively engaging people in my domain is becoming more and more a natural part of my life."

Like Will, many Battle alumni have undergone a transformational experience in their own lives and hearts through the Battle process and long for others to experience the same. As a result, they too are coming back and inviting others to enter into the battle for their heart.

Ed Dorris of West End Community Church has taken four groups through the Battle process and says,

" I have experienced a depth of relationship with men in my groups that is unequalled in any other male encounters I have had outside my immediate family. I count them as brothers I can draw strength from and call out to without reservation. This has been a transformative experience in my marriage, family and relationships."
Cindy Terrell of Intown Community Church in Atlanta, GA has also seen growth as she is going through the process again. She says,
"As I have gone through the Battle for the Heart the second time I have experienced a deepening intimacy with God and my ability to connect from a whole heart in relationships. But the most powerful part of it all has been watching my group of women take to heart (literally) the Battle process.  Watching them grow in their faith and understanding has been transforming not only for them, but also for me. They are inspiring me to go deeper in seeing and repenting of my pose and providing a safe place to increasingly trust God to meet my deepest desires."
If you desire to experience increasing transformation in your own life and to let it overflow into the lives of others, prayerfully consider becoming a team builder and utilizing the field kit described below. 

How Do You Invite Others
to the Battle for the Heart? 
Introducing our new Field Kit

Battle alumni, it's here: our new Field Kit!

For years, you have asked us for help in explaining the Battle for Your Heart to friends, family, and colleagues. We're pleased to announce that we have a great new collection of newcomer-friendly resources designed for that very purpose. 

Take a look at all our new Field Kit has to offer:
  • Battle for Your Heart brochure: This full-color 12-panel booklet introduces the Battle in everyday language, focusing on the process of transformation that overflows from a whole heart in a simple and straightforward way. The booklet includes a compelling summary of what makes the Battle process unique, and explains how interested people can become participants. The booklet is designed to be given to a friend without the need for further explanation, or it can be used as a framework for a conversation about your own Battle experience.
  • Share the Battle Bookmark: The bookmark is a short guide on how to talk with others about your Battle experience. With the Four Realities and Elevator Model of the Heart on one side and tips for sharing your experience on the other, you can keep this piece on hand as a quick reference on how to give an effective Battle testimony.
  • Gathering a Team for the Battle handout: This one-page flyer walks alumni through helpful steps to utilize if they desire to put together a group for an upcoming Battle. It can be quickly reviewed before meeting with potential new team members, or used in conjunction with prayer and reflection as you consider how to engage the hearts of those in your domain who might benefit from going through the Battle for Your Heart process.
The entire Field Kit is available in a digital or print format. You can view all of these pieces or download PDFs versions here. You can also request printed copies by emailing  
There are two additional elements to our Field Kit that are available for purchase through o ur website or in person at Wellspring events. These items are tools that can refresh your knowledge and skills during or after your Battle experience:
  • Field Notes: Echoes of the Fellowship - The Field Notes are a set of 31 ring-bound cards, one for each day of the month. The Notes offer key content from the Battle for Your Heart in a compact format you can keep in the console of your car, or tucked into a briefcase or purse. Use these short reminders of the Larger Story as you pray, before you engage another's heart, or as a reminder of who God has created you to be. Bound with a carabiner ring to keep the set intact, the Field Notes are an excellent tool for staying grounded in the Four Realities. $15 per set.
  • Field Journal - These sturdy spiral-bound Journals come complete with the Elevator Model of the Heart, Feeling Words chart, Desires chart, and plenty of pages for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, desires, and choices as you reflect on the current State of Your Heart. There are 16 entries per journal, enough for each week of Realities 1 and 2 of the Team Equipping process. If you have completed the Battle for Your Heart and Realities 1 and 2, the Field Journal can provide a framework to keep you in touch with the deep desires of your heart as you continue into Realities 3 and 4 and the Battle for Your Domain. $15

Taking the Battle to South Africa
 March 30-April 1 and April 6-9 

Larry Bolden, Executive Director
For several years God has been increasing our impact upon missionaries. Veteran facilitators have led several overseas events with ongoing, outstanding impact in lives, families and ministries. In August 2015 four leaders from the East Mountain Community of Capetown, South Africa, participated in an Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church Battle for Men's Hearts. East Mountain is community of missionaries and national church and ministry leaders who long to live and lead out of whole-hearted authentic community. After these leaders experienced the Battle they invited us to come lead a joint Battle for Men's and Women's Hearts for about 30 missionaries and national leaders. 

Our purposes are to:
  1. Extend the transforming power of the gospel experienced in and through the whole heart to this entire community
  2. Explore future partnership opportunities with East Mountain in South Africa among missionaries and national leaders
  3. Explore opportunities to work with the expanding East Mountain Community around the globe
The four leaders who came to the BMH last August are experiencing a Battle for Your Domain March 30-April 1 led by Dale Phillips from Reach Global and Chris Teague and Keith Keller from United World Mission in Prague.

Our joint BMH/BWH is Wed - Sat April 6-9. Please pray for our team and all participants that we would experience the glory of God in such a way that the prayer of Jesus in John 17 would become a reality in South Africa. Along with those mentioned above our team includes Mary Bolden and Heather O'Brien, Bill McCutchen, Lead Pastor of Hilton Head Presbyterian Church, Tom Patton (Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church Missions Pastor) and Esther Weston, counselor from Philadelphia.

             - Larry Bolden

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