Our renewed partnership with
has opened many opportunities
to feed at-risk communities
with greater choice and
healthier options
6 days a week!

 So, what's changed?

  • Wellspring is now purchasing fresh produce and a greater variety of meats and other food items weekly at $.19/lb from Community Harvest. By shopping there, we're able to purchase greater variety and quantities of foods. And, oftentimes, we can select foods at no cost like potatoes!

  • Wellspring is also participating in the Emergency Food Assistance Program, commonly known as the Commodities Program, that permits us to distribute fresh milk, cheese, butter, and many other items weekly. This is especially exciting as these food items haven't been offered consistently before.

Not only are our food bank clients reaping the benefits of these wonderful changes, so are our clients in 2 other programs!

  • Qualifying seniors in the Older Adult Program will be participating in Community Harvest's SeniorPak Program. This program will help food insecure seniors through the distribution of quality foods every 2 weeks at Wellspring!

  • Our After School Program will also benefit from the partnership with Community Harvest in 2 ways. By participating in the Kids Cafe Program, we will be able to provide 5 meals a week to every child at no cost. While we've prepared 2 meals a week historically as well as provided children plenty of snacks, now each child will go home with full bellies every evening!

  • Children in our After School Program will also benefit from another Community Harvest program - the Kids Back Pack Program. This program will provide each child a brown bag every Friday evening stuffed with enough food for 2 meals to enjoy over the weekend.