The Fashion Edition | Spring 2019 | The Fashion Edition
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Program Highlights
After School Program

Total participants 66
Total activities 74
Average attendance 36.7

Food Bank

Total i ndividuals served 441
Families served 182
Total meals given 27,105

Older Adult Program

Total participants 284
Total activities 96
Average attendance 25.8

Wellspring Shoppe

Households served unduplicated 684
Individuals served unduplicated 2,190
Total items distributed 17,779
Average items per household 22.3

Did you know that...?
Americans recycle or donate only 15-20% of their used clothing and the remaining 10.5 million tons end up in landfills. It's no wonder textiles constitute one of the poorest recycling rates of any reusable material. 

At the Wellspring Shoppe, no article of clothing goes without a new home. Any, items that don't pass inspection are collected by the Salvation Army for their rag program.

So, don't throw away your gently used clothing; donate it to us instead!
Wellspring Happenings
The Wellspring Shoppe is our most patronized program at Wellspring. Last year alone, we gave away nearly 35,000 articles of clothing to 3,853 clients.

While clothing is free to clients, it still takes funding to keep the Shoppe running. That's why we dedicated our Spring fundraiser to the Wellspring Shoppe.

The Wellspring West Central Fashion Show held on April 30th at the Lincoln Event Center at Parkview Field was a breakfast-event and well-attended. Thanks to many of you, we raised over $7,000!

Our #1 volunteer need at Wellspring is clothing sorters. If you or your organization can help, call us at 260.422.6618.

Who knew fashion could be
so much fun?
Mission Moment 
A few words from our Wellspring Shoppe clients.

"They were nice and helpful. I felt unjudged about my situation. Thank you."

" “The people are ALWAYS nice, friendly, helpful and pleasant.
The items are of nice quality and the shop is clean and tidy.
The clothes I received even helped me get a job!”   
“The Wellspring Shoppe helps the needs of my family and provides me with less anxiety about providing, especially in the winter months. 
Everyone is wonderful – very welcoming and helpful.”

“I enjoyed everything at the Wellspring Shoppe.
I have my grandkids because their mom is in jail,
so this helps me out a lot. Thanks!”

“Shopping in a boutique is a rare experience and we enjoyed it!”

“It greatly helps my family stretch our budget because clothes are not in our budget.” 
A special thanks to the Mary Cross Tippmann Foundation, the United Way of Allen County , and the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation for their continued investment in the Wellspring Way!
How can you help?
Regardless of one's circumstances, everyone deserves
dignity and respect.

By YOU helping us, we get to help so many others!
People of faith working together to support and enrich the lives of
Fort Wayne's central city residents.