As your upholstered Dining chair and stool specialist, it is important that we are given specific instruction on orders sent to us. Recently, on orders using more than one fabric, there has been some lack of clarity as to which fabric is to be used for the welts. At Designmaster Furniture, we desire to make the chairs and stools ordered from us exactly as desired by you and your customer.

Effective immediately, when more than one fabric is being applied to a chair or stool style, it needs to be stated on the order exactly where each fabric is to be used including the fabric to be used for the welting . If this information is not included, the order will be put on hold and your customer service representative will contact you for the information. Once this information is received, the order will be processed. Providing this information when the order is placed will help orders to be processed without delay. If you have questions about this new policy, please do not hesitate to contact customer service.

We thank you for your cooperation.
With Kind Regards

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