Services for the next decade
Since launching Wendolyn Reputation Management just six months ago, I committed to creating a new consulting practice focused on communications services essential for the next decade. So today, I am excited to share a new addition to my suite of spokesperson training courses.

As part of a unique offering, I am integrating emotional intelligence and non-verbal communication into an advanced training product for clients. Teaming up with behaviour analyst Angela Podolsky, this program equips senior leadership with the communication and kinesics skills to convey messages, build rapport, deliver impactful presentations, and win negotiations.
Wendolyn Reputation Management announces partnership with Kinesics Consulting to create first-in-kind media training
Combining strategic communications and emotional intelligence to offer a spokesperson training course unlike any other. 

  • Led by a senior reputation management specialist and a behaviour analyst to provide the broadest range of tools for spokespersons to express themselves.

  • Build verbal and non-verbal strategic communications skills.

  • Refine messages, so they are clear and memorable.

  • Gain control in an interview or public speaking setting.

  • Identify what signals are being communicated inadvertently.

  • Understand conscious and subconscious communication.

  • Learn how emotions impact communication.

  • Prepare for difficult and challenging situations.

While primarily focused on successfully navigating media interviews, the information applies to crisis responses, internal communications, client presentations, and more.
Your trainer
Wendy Kauffman
  • 20+ years working with businesses to build awareness and protect their reputation.

  • Specializes in corporate positioning, crisis communication, and reputation management.

  • Trained at CNN. Former United Press International reporter and CTV News producer.

  • Media trained over 200 seasoned executives, boards of directors, politicians, and advocates.

  • Courses cover the interview process; the impact of social media on the news; how to conduct yourself in an interview; handling difficult questions; message development; and mock interviews covering a range of interview styles.
Your trainer
Angela Podolsky
  • The only Paul Ekman Associate operating in Canada, the world's deception detection expert, co-discoverer of micro expressions, and the inspiration behind the hit series, Lie to Me. 

  • Extensive experience working with startups to global businesses.

  • Courses cover how to: decipher body language/gestures; identify triggers and how emotions work; manage the impact of intonation; determine truthfulness and credibility; and read hidden facial messages.

  • Award-winning speaker and educator.

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