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Have taxes been paid?

Reports coming out of Curacao indicate that well-known people on St. Maarten allegedly received millions in payments over a number of years from companies linked to ENNIA Insurances. These payments supposedly were made using primarily ...

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COVID-19 Update per September 9, 2020

Positive Cases: 530 Recovered: 333 Deceased: 19 Quarantine: 55 Number Tested: 1675 Number Tested at the Airport: 923 For more government information about the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), click here.

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"Surviving the Pandemic" a critical mental health workshop

PORT ST. MAARTEN - A number of employees at Port St. Maarten participated in a mental health workshop titled, "Surviving the Pandemic," via Zoom that was given by Mental Health Foundation (MHF) Psychologist Tameka Lambert MS last week Friday. The ...

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COVID-19 Rules And Regulations At Statia Census Office

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius - As of Wednesday, September 9 2020, the Census Office has the following rules and regulations. Please adhere to these. When you need to meet with a staff member at the census office, please making an appointment...

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The Mullet Bay dossier
Jardim: "We do our utmost to protect ENNIA's policyholders"

PHILIPSBURG - The Central Bank will "do its utmost" to protect the interests of policyholders at troubled insurance company ENNIA, but there are no guarantees. That is the message members of the parliamentary finance committee received on Tuesday ...

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Parman loses lawsuit: emergency measure at ENNIA remains

PHILIPSBURG - "Okay, then you start the emergency regulation." With those words Hushang Ansary, the 93-year old Persian-American major shareholder of Parman International BV walked out of a meeting with the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten ...

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Will Ennia's policyholders pay the price?

By Hilbert Haar ~ Insurance company Ennia is struggling, to put it mildly. Its management and members of the supervisory board, including major shareholder Hushang Ansary, have been fired and the company is now controlled by the Central Bank ...

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Advice from the Council of Advice Regarding Decolonization

PHILIPSBURG - Another advice from our Council of Advice is in. This time it is the advice regarding the United Nations-Decolonization-St. Maarten, as presented to the Council by the Parliament of St. Maarten. MP Wescot-Williams recently shared...

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The mother of all challenges

By Hilbert Haar ~ Our island is facing the mother of all challenges - and even that is an understatement. The COVID-19 crises has laid bare what decision makers have known for a very very long time: it is dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket.

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Income Support and Unemployment Support Deadline

Income and Unemployment deadline is September 15th The Ministry of Finance would like to remind you to apply to the 'Income Support for Sole Proprietors, Vendor License Holders, Bus and Independent Taxi and Tour Drivers' and COVID-19 Unemployment ...

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New Foundation for Cannabis Awareness

PHILIPSBURG - The Herbal Awareness SXM group has been the recognized community leader for cannabis issues over many years, including two well-attended public Town Hall Meetings (April 2014 and June 2015), and numerous community media outlet...

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SMCP concerned about school children being turned back

PHILIPSBURG - With the re-opening of schools this year, the people of St. Martin are living the consequences of matters that have been ignored, not dealt with, or overlooked for the past decades. Education being compulsory on both sides of our...

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Analysis: Does Statia Government deserve so much heat...

By Harald Linkels ~ These days Facebook and other social media are rife with 'experts' on how to deal with the Covid-situation, especially since the outbreak on St. Eustatius last weekend. Is the situation serious? Yes, it is serious. Then...

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Who Defends the interests of the Local Airline Industry

By Harald Linkels ~ Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, global aviation has hit an unprecedented turbulence. Even the two oldest airlines of the world, Dutch KLM and Colombian Avianca, both of which celebrated their 100th anniversary...

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'Autonomie nu alleen op papier'

VVD: Instemmen met voorwaarden, anders geen geld ~ Van onze correspondent Den Haag - ,,Ik gun de landen autonomie in de praktijk. Nu bestaat die alleen op papier. We moeten geen tijd verliezen in discussies. De problemen liggen vooral in de...

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Analyse redactie: Wake up! Hoezo (nog) autonomie?

MAN-minister en vicepremier Steven Martina, tevens leider van coalitiepartij MAN, zegt dat de ministerraad van Curaçao zich beraadt over een 'alternatief', maar dat hij er in dit stadium nog niets over kan zeggen. Begrijpt hij dan niet dat de...

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Herstel toerisme Aruba gaat langzamer dan verwacht

Van onze correspondent Oranjestad - Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association (Ahata) heeft de laatste cijfers gepubliceerd. Daaruit blijkt trager herstel dan oorspronkelijk verwacht toen de grenzen weer opengingen. De bezettingsgraad in augustus was...

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Vertaling bij rechtbank Bonaire steeds groter probleem

KRALENDIJK- "De helft heb ik niet goed kunnen volgen. De tolk is steeds op zoek was naar woorden", zegt Ana S., een Spaanstalige vrouw na haar strafzaak. Dit is een vaak gehoorde kreet bij de rechtbank op Bonaire.

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In begroting 2021 geen hervormingen

RvA: Nood nu zo hoog dat verder uitstel invoering hervormingen niet is te dulden Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - De ontwerpbegroting 2021 zoals gisteren aan de Staten van Curaçao aangeboden bevat, tot teleurstelling van de Raad van...

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Certificates of Conduct Delay Notice

POND ISLAND - The MINISTRY OF JUSTICE hereby informs you that the application process for requesting certificates of conduct is experiencing a prolonged delay due to staff shortages. The entity responsible for providing the information for the...

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Theoretical driving exams suspended until September 21

The Inspectorate of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), hereby announces that due to circumstances beyond its control theoretical driving exams are suspended until September 21, 2020. This ...

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Fire Chief Clive Richardson: "Remain Vigilant."

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) - Fire Chief and National Disaster Coordinator Clive Richardson, is once again appealing to the community of Sint Maarten to be prepared as the country is now in the peak period of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane...

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Bonaire Tax Office to visit companies to check payroll taxes

Kralendijk - As of October 1st, Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland will start to visit companies to verify if the data that is registered for the loonheffing (payroll tax), corresponds to the persons ostensibly employed in the company....

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Dutch new coronavirus infections top 1,000 for first time

A further 1,140 coronavirus cases were registered with the public health institute RIVM in the 24 hours to 10am on Wednesday, health minister Hugo de Jonge said in a Facebook Q&A discussion about the virus. 'The figures are going up and today's...

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Official property values soared 9% in 2019

Official property values soared by nearly 9% last year, the biggest increase in years, national statistics office CBS said on Thursday. The biggest increase - 22% - was in Weesp, near Amsterdam, where the average home is officially valued at...

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Budget leaks: spending power to rise

With one week to go before the government presents its 2021 spending plans to parliament, RTL Nieuws has obtained leaked documents outlining the government's economic forecasts. The figures are slightly more optimistic than those published by the ...

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Schools criticised for laptop demands

An increasing number of Dutch secondary schools require pupils to have laptops even though this is not allowed in law, according to aid group Stichting Leergeld in Wednesday's Volkskrant. The foundation, which has 108 local branches, helped...

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