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Notes From Renee

This weekend the Poor People's March on Washington DC was held virtually. The Poor People's Campaign was started years ago by Martin Luther King. Not long before his death, he concluded that the civil rights movement had to be more encompassing in its scope. It shouldn't be just for black Americans but for all poor and low-wealth Americans. Half of our country—Black and White—are struggling, treading water, and drowning. So yes, we are in a crisis.

Income inequality has never been higher. Right now things are terribly out of balance. The greatest flaw in capitalism is when it is allowed to treat workers as a means to an end, for profit. They are denied intrinsic human value and dignity. They are not seen as worthwhile members of our community. It is no surprise how this pandemic has laid bare the injustices in our system. Essential workers, millions of them who labor to make our lives work, without living wages, go without health care, affordable housing, good educational opportunities, savings. When 50% of your income goes for housing, when someone gets sick or laid off, lives teetering on the economic abyss easily slip and spiral out of control. The American Dream remains the Impossible Dream for millions of Americans.

MLK preached about the fierce urgency of "now." Like all those workers teetering on the edge, we are at a pivotal place in history. Our democracy is teetering, our planet is teetering. “Now" is truly the time to make real the promises of democracy for all our people.

Renee Ramirez Keaney, MDTC Chair


TONIGHT (June 24) at 7:30pm: Jill and Joe Biden will hold a virtual “A Community of Pride” event, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the world’s first Pride march with Billy Porter, Cat Cora, Jonathan Van Ness, and Karine Jean-Pierre.   RSVP Here   and encourage friends to tune in!

Marbleheaders Speak Out

Two events in Marblehead recently caught our attention (and probably yours). On June 2, a thousand Marbleheaders turned out for the Marblehead Racial Justice Team's Solidarity Walk and Vigil. On June 10, the Marblehead High School Democrats sponsored a virtual forum to promote civic engagement.

Why did our neighbors and friends participate in these events? If you went to the Solidarity Walk & Vigil, were you concerned about Covid-19 health risks? Finally, what were the “takeaways"? See what people had to say (below).
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There are some terrific photos, too.

Peg Bassion - I wanted to teach my 10 & 13 year old granddaughters what it means to be involved in a higher cause.“

Judith Black - “As a climate activist, I am feeling called to show how these movements are intertwined, and try to move them both forward. TOGETHER.”

Maria Mclaughlin ** - “ My two children were born in Oakland, CA. Now ages 8 and 10, they are more accustomed to racial diversity than what people experience here in Marblehead. They feel strongly about the injustices that are happening and I want them know that they have a voice.

Connor Ryan, Marblehead High School English Teacher - "Marblehead High School's Democrats Forum was a real pleasure to watch."

Thomas Coulouras, Massachusetts High School Democrats Chair - "I’m so happy I got to attend the “Why Should You Care” Forum with Marblehead High School Democrats! It was insightful, engaging, unique, and inspiring. The way that they brought in people with different perspectives from different backgrounds created a fascinating environment that really taught me a lot!”

Frank Kashner ** - “ The turnout of more than 1,000 people, especially the youth who probably outnumbered those over 50 by 2:1, was inspiring.”

Renee Keaney *  * - “ What I didn’t expect was the numbers of people that came on such short notice in the midst of a pandemic.”

Phil Axten *  * - ” The evening gave me so much needed hope. It also motivated me to honor this commitment to positive change by increasing my own.”

Petra Langer - " Everyone listened intently as the Rev. Andre Bennett of Lynn spoke about how he feared for the life of his teenage son who is tall and has “crazy hair” and might find himself in mortal danger at the hands of the police just because he is Black."

Zoe Gast, Marblehead High School Freshman - "When you hear about changing the world, the word 'vote' always comes to mind. When you are young, it can feel like your life is wasted, just waiting until you turn 18 so that you can make a difference."

Margie Herrick *  * - "At the vigil, I was so encouraged by the turnout in Marblehead! The speaker was eloquent, but it was the community participation that moved me. I also participated in ‘Why Should You Care’ because I admire the Marblehead HS Dems' thoughtful commitment to promoting activism and a civil society.”

Jack Weltner *  * - “ I went to the march to support Black Lives Matter and also our helpful town police.”

Jane Casler *  * - “ I think there's no better time than now to ‘pass the baton’ of political activism. The Marblehead High School Dems are grasping it and holding on tight.”

Linda Mclaughlin *  * - I went with my family to lend our support and voice to the Black Lives Matter Movement and because it is Everyone's Issue.”

*  * MDTC Member

by Sophie Hauck, Cochair, MHD High School Democrats

A student activist compares the Racial Justice Walkout at Marblehead High School in 2017 with the Marblehead Solidarity Walk and Vigil in 2020.

Food For Thought
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Just for Laughs

In a small studio in California...

on August 28, 1963, Harry Belafonte, Marlon Brando, Charlton Heston, Sidney Poitier, Joseph Mankiewicz, and James Baldwin gathered to talk about the Civil Rights March on Washington.

The March had taken place just hours before they met.
MDTC Update

  1. Launching MHD Team Biden, within our Senate District and out into Swing States. We need volunteers. Sign up here.
  2. Working to flip the ME Senate seat Blue. 
  3. Planning a Congressional Debate for CD 6 candidates on August 2. Save the date & stay tuned for details.
  4. Advocating for Vote By Mail.

PHASE 1 Help us organize our North Shore Biden volunteers
PHASE 2: MA Volunteers reach out to our Swing States- NH & ME

We need you NOW! Please don't wait until September. We can't win if we wait. There is too much work to do.

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