Wesley Prep School Closure Update
Thursday, April 2, 2020

Dear Wesley Prep Families,

I’m certain that you have heard by now that Governor Abbott has instructed all schools to remain closed until Monday, May 4 th  so, of course, we will comply with his directive. All of us at Wesley Prep remain hopeful that we will return on that day and I do feel it is doable if all of us continue to follow the recommendations of Judge Jenkins, the DCHHS as well as all of our national government officials and medical personnel.
We know that this extension of time for your student to not attend school on campus is a huge burden for many of you who continue to juggle jobs, the needs of multiple children, who gets what device and when, fixing breakfast, lunch and dinner and keeping a sanitized home all while staying happy and upbeat. But then you throw in uncertainty about the future, disbelief this is even occurring, no rest and limited relief from everyone being together all day every day and you have some exhausted families. Teachers and staff are thinking about this all the time and trying to adjust what we are doing with and for your students to make this easier for each of you.
We continue to appreciate your thoughts and ideas and suggestions and many of these we have incorporated into our plans. We know we want to connect more with you on a daily basis and we continue to explore all of the ways that can occur for infants through sixth grade. Each age/stage has their own unique set of requirements and we are working daily on exploring all of the ways we can interact more in real time with your children. Wesley Prep has an incredible team of teachers and staff who in addition to doing their daily lessons and/or regular office jobs are now also problem-solving technology challenges and working together to figure out workarounds when needed in a collaborative way. I couldn’t be more proud than I am with the teamwork that happens every day behind the scenes to make our remote product better for all levels.
Is this how we want to teach? Absolutely not, but we will continue to provide lessons, videos, suggestions, Zoom meetings, FaceTime, links, and individual calls when needed or requested by a student or parent. We are thankful and grateful to each of you as you join us as partners while we continue to learn, review and adjust what we are doing with your students and how we are doing it on a daily basis.
We love you all and miss you terribly. This remote learning is just not the same, but for now, it will have to do.
With faith, hope, and love,

Linda Altick
Executive Director
Email: laltick@wesleyprep.org