Wesley- Rankin's Innovation in COVID-19

Golden Cross, an outpatient department of Methodist Dallas Medical Center, began classes this month as part of the upcoming clinic to be opened in 2021 at the Center. The first two courses, diabetes and hypertension, are based on need surveys. So far, 60 individuals have completed the first course. "There is so much excitement about this initiative to provide needed healthcare access to adults. There could not have been a better time to offer these services (amid a pandemic). Many of these women have no insurance or healthcare provider. This has given them such great hope," said Job Sterling, Director of Adult Education.

The senior citizens celebrated Halloween by competing in a virtual costume contest. The Kynect Foundation delivered goodie bags, as a reversed-style trick-or-treat. For Dia de Los Muertos, seniors shared photos of those "ahead of us on the road." And let's not forget Casa Feliz's oldest senior, Ms. Paula, who celebrated her 100th birthday last week. For Wesley-Rankin's senior citizen program, social isolation is a concern. Engaging activities as these remind us we are not alone and have much to appreciate.

Nine students in the Wesley-Rankin Aspiring Professionals program received their first stipend checks! After completing a customer service course with Dallas College, the students are entering their tracks of finance and collision repair. Partners of the program include: On the Road Garage, Texas Capital Bank, Fidelity Investments and Tolleson Wealth Management. Here are a couple of responses from the students: "Being in the club has really taught me how to advocate for myself as well as build my confidence especially since I'm naturally a shy person." "My involvement in WRAP has guided me in many ways. I now know how to make a resume and it's helped me view life differently."

Wesley-Rankin has experienced an outpouring of support in the midst of COVID-19. THANK YOU for sharing your gifts and talents to create equity for the West Dallas community. To those who volunteer, thank you. To those who get matching company funds for volunteering, we appreciate your creativity. To churches who have sustained our food program for families and those who have thoughtfully packed necessity bags, you've treated us like close family. To those who have baked casseroles for senior citizens, one at a time, we are so very grateful. For the coaches, tutors, meal drivers, donors and pray-ers, because of you, we have healthy, support systems. And collectively, we have created great impact.

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