Letter From the Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Let us give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”     Psalm 107:8-9

We really do have so much to be thankful for, don’t we? And sometimes in our praying, it’s easy to just recite a list of things we are thankful for, without putting any real thought into why they are important and special to us. So this month, when we set aside a special day to give thanks, I would encourage you to pray more with more intention – more meaningfully. Tell God why you’re thankful for what you have been given. Ask God what you can do to share your blessings and live faithful, fruitful life. To help you, I want to share a prayer from Jesuit priest, James Martin, which I think is a powerful example of how to pray. 

Thank you God. I’m grateful for so many things. I know I’m not the most grateful person you know, so let me take some time to tell you what I’m thankful for. I’m grateful, God, for the gift of life. Without you I wouldn’t be here. Without you nothing would be here. Without you nothing would be at all.

I’m grateful for my parents, God. Even if they weren’t perfect, they loved me the best they could, and they worked hard to make sure that I had enough to eat, I was clothed and I had a place to sleep. Help me to be a grateful child, and remind me to be grateful in person. And fill me with the hope of meeting them again in your company, where I’ll be able to say thanks once more.

I’m grateful for my friends, God. They give me advice, sometimes when I need it, sometimes when I don’t, which in both situations is a sign of their care for me. They listen to me complain, which I do too much, and they celebrate with me, even if things aren’t always going well for them. That alone is reason to be thankful. Help me to be a good friend in return.

I’m grateful for my family, God. I know all families are a little nutty, and mine is no exception. Even Jesus’s family tree had its share of complications. But I’m thankful that, even with the nuttiness, I’m part of a family that has helped make me the person I am. Help me to be a good family member, helping out when I can, make the phone call or pay a visit when they’re lonely, and keep my mouth shut when I should be listening, or when I don’t have anything sensible to add to the conversation.

I’m grateful for my job, God. It’s not always a bed of roses, but at least I have a place to work and am able to make ends meet. I know the people I work with can drive me crazy, but they are trying, too. Help me to be a good co-worker, to give people the benefit of the doubt, to care for the people with whom I work, and not to take everything so seriously on the job. 

I’m grateful, God, for all the things that I know many people in this world don’t have – food, clean water, clothes, heat in the winter, air conditioning and screens in the summer. I’m grateful that I can go to the doctor and get a check-up and even get shots to help me avoid illness. That’s a lot more than most people have. Help me to be grateful, and help me remember that I can help those who have less by being generous. That’s one way of thanking you.

Did I mention how much I appreciate all the things you created? For the color of orange autumn leaves against the deep blue sky? For the way that the frost makes crazy patterns on windows in the winter? While I’m at it, I’m also grateful for the beach (that’s a pretty great thing you created); the mountains (also great); and sunsets (really great). 

Most of all, God, I’m grateful for your presence in my life. You’re everywhere, and if I remember to pay attention I can see your invitation to meet you in every moment of the day. Now, I’m not always as thankful as I should be, but today I am. Today I will try to be grateful all day, since you are generous all day to me, just like you are every day.  Amen.

Set Your Clock Back This Saturday

Daylight Saving Time will end this Sunday, Nov. 7th. Clocks will fall back an hour at 2 a.m., offering an extra hour of sleep this weekend.

The days will feel shorter with sunset an hour earlier. As the days continue, the evenings will continue to be darker. Join our Advent Study to bring a little light into these shorter darker days!


See what's happening this November.




Link to SERMONS.

Highlights for November

Our Study Groups are meeting weekly to discuss "Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus". Watch for our next study which will be for Advent! Read More

Youth Groups and Sunday School have begun. Read More

Worship Ministry ~ Diane Huban

We were hoping to share with you our thoughts and plans for the upcoming Advent season, but Mother Nature had different plans for us. Our meeting had to be postponed until November 11. One thing we can tell you is that we are planning another outdoor Christmas Eve service this year. The service will feature a live nativity, scripture reading and carol singing. An indoor, in person, livestreamed service will be offered at 7pm in the sanctuary. At our upcoming meeting we will also be discussing Hanging of the Greens. As always we welcome your thoughts and ideas about these matters. Better yet… give some thought to joining us for our meeting on November 11 at 3:30pm! 

Children and Youth ~ Hannah Stelter

Note from Hannah:

Oz and I had a beautiful wedding day on October 9! We are so thankful for your love and support!


Upcoming Activities:

20 Hour Famine Retreat - November 20-21

The weekend of November 20-21, all youth (5th-12th grade) are invited to participate in a 20 hour famine. We will start by sharing a meal together on Saturday afternoon for lunch before our fast begins. Throughout the retreat, we will participate in several service projects, prayer stations, worship, games, and more! Click here for the information packet and please register by November 14! If any adults are interested in chaperoning, please let Hannah know ASAP!

Youth Group

Middle School Youth Group meets on Thursdays from 4:00- 5:00pm. For the month of November, we are going to discuss how we are made in God’s image! There will be no Middle School Youth Group on November 11 (Veteran’s Day) or November 25 (Thanksgiving)

High school Youth Group will continue to meet on Sunday afternoons from 4:00-5:00pm. The High Schoolers are going to learn about Jesus in the Old Testament throughout the month of November. There will be no High School Youth Group on November 21 (Famine) 

Sunday School

Sunday School will continue to meet during the 9:30 service! We have two classes: Kindergarten – 1st grade and 2nd – 4th grade! Each week, we do activities together, learn Bible verses, and read stories from the Bible! During October we read some really awesome Old Testament stories! We are so excited to learn about Jesus in the month of November!  

October Recap

Escape Room Outing

On October 22, 12 youth and 3 chaperones met for an Escape Room Experience! We had dinner together at the church before heading over to Mashpee Commons for the Escape Room. Both teams were able to "escape" and everyone had tons of fun!

Trunk or Treat

We had 20 trunks at our annual Trunk or Treat on October 24! Over 100 people stopped by and everyone got tons of candy! Click here to check out more pictures from the event! And a huge thank you to everyone who decorated a trunk or donated candy!


Music Ministry ~ Linda Brouder

Our Music Celebration has been rescheduled to December 3rd. A big thank you to our Choir and Bells who are working so diligently on our special celebration of music. Also, a special thanks to Tom Hoke for all of his work coordinating and promoting this celebration. We are indeed a blessed congregation!

Children's Choir (Kindergarten-4th Grade) will be rehearsing on Sunday, November 7th just after church in the sanctuary, and will sing at our Prayer and Praise worship service on November 14th! All children are welcome to join us! We will continue to rehearse on the following dates: November 28th, December 5th and December 12th just after church, in preparation for the Christmas services!  

We are still open to adding a few more voices to our Chancel Choir! We need soprano and Tenor and Bass voices! We will start working on our Christmas Cantata, "Winter's Grace" by Joseph M. Martin, during our Wednesday night rehearsals in November. You do not need to be a fantastic music reader to sing with us. We will help you along!

Lastly, on November 20th at 3:00 pm, we will be welcoming "Duo Amie", a Boston-based Cello and Piano duo, to perform on our new Steinway, a concert of exceptional music. "Shall We Dance?" will be a wonderful, non-denominational musical treat to simply enjoy here on Cape. Ellyses Kuan, pianist, received a Steinway & Sons Top Music Teacher award in 2017, 2018 and 2020 and is named Teacher of the Year in 2020 as well by the Massachusetts Music Teacher Association (MMTA). Julie Reimann, Cellist, performs chamber music as well as solo recitals in various venues, including as a soloist with the Waltham Symphony Orchestra (with whom she has also served as Principal Cellist) in 2016, as a soloist with the Longwood Symphony in 2018, and with the Boston Civic Symphony as principal cellist in 2020-21. "Ellyses and Julie sound like they have been playing together since birth! Their programs are well thought out and are played with bravura and sensitivity. Chamber Music at it's best!" -Dorothy Travis, Beethoven Society of Melrose. For more information, speak to Linda Brouder here at JWUMC

Spiritual Growth ~ Sheldon Keller

The first Sunday of Advent this year falls on November 28. During that holy season the Spiritual Growth Ministry Team will once again be offering a book study. There will be at least three groups, all studying While We Wait: Living the Questions of Advent by Mary Lou Redding.

In the words of one bookstore’s promotion….

This book offers new ways of connecting study participants with their own faith questions. Group members have the chance to look at some biblical figures on whom we don't always focus during Advent. Somewhat surprisingly, Tamar, Ruth, Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth, and the Magi ask questions that resonate with contemporary Christians during this season. Designed as a complete Advent study, this book offers readers unique perspectives on the events of Christmas, a fifth session for the week of Epiphany, an introduction to the spiritual discipline of breath prayer, and much more.

• Living in Hope: What Will You Give Me?

• Finding a Home: Why Have I Found Favor in Your Sight?

• The Wonder of Being Sought: Why Has This Happened to Me?

• Wrestling with Mystery: How Can This Be?

• Sharing the Light: Where Is the One?

Mary Lou Redding serves as managing editor of The Upper Room daily devotional guide, published in 64 editions and 44 languages. She has written numerous magazine articles and is the former president of the Associated Church Press.

We plan to have a Tuesday class at 10:30 am with Betty Smith, a Thursday 10:30 am Zoom class with Sheldon Keller. Jen Linton will have a class after church on Sunday, and there will be an evening class as well. Books are available in the office at no charge for people who are participating in the study groups. Please contact Ruth in the church office to sign up.

Stay tuned for more details!


Sheldon Keller, Team Leader


Outreach/Missions Ministry ~ Julie Immelt Whelden

Salvation Army Dress A Live Doll

This year is the most needed help ever! Over 75 children need our help! We have taken on 15 children and 10 teenagers to help this year. This year you can wrap your gifts!!!!! If you haven’t been involved with this program in the past, now is the time to get involved. The Salvation Army “Dress A Live Doll” & Teen Angel program provides many children on Cape Cod with much-needed new clothing from “top to bottom” and a special toy or book. This is a special way to provide for those a little less fortunate. I will be using the Outreach bulletin board this year as my tree to show what the needs are. Please email me if you want a child or would like to take on a few items for one child. You can also donate money by writing Dress a Live Doll in the memo and we will use that to purchase the gifts for you. If you are interested in touching the life of a child this Christmas, please email or call/text 508-221-4958 Julie Immelt Whelden.

Belonging to Each Other

Belonging to Each Other: I am speechless and in awe of the amazing outpouring of items to help prepare the two houses for the homeless project for BTEO. We have been able to over fill their needs! More than two carloads were donated. Wesley helped me check the items, separate them for the Women and Men’s house, and load them in the car. This program is an amazing asset for our town to help house and get homeless back on their feet, able to work and become financially stable on their own. 

Volunteers Needed to drive BTEO on Wednesdays: Some housemates have appointments or errands that they need help with, and we are asking if anyone would like to be on that call list. Usually, a call is made the night before to see if any of the housemates need to be taken somewhere. This is not over the bridge it is just in the town of Falmouth. Please please please let me know if you would like to be on this list!!!! Julie Immelt Whelden 508-221-4958.

Altar Flower Outreach Mission:

Part 1 of the Church flowers mission will be donated to a non-profit organization called “Flower Angels”. They re-arrange the flowers and distribute them to nursing homes and hospitals. Volunteers are needed to transport the flowers on some Mondays to South Yarmouth around 9:30am!

Part 2 of the Church flowers mission will be distributed to our members who are in nursing homes or are shut-ins. Volunteers are needed to split flowers and distribute them to church members. If your interested in volunteering for either distribution please reach out to Julie Immelt Whelden! or call/text 508221-4958.


Christmas Fair

Mark your calendars! November 12 (1:30-6:30) & 13th (8:30-2:00)

In life there will always be challenges along with times we can be thankful for….

Right now I am SO thankful this storm did not hit on Fair weekend. Let’s Praise God with thanksgiving!

If you’re unable to work the Fair but would still like to help, Thurs. November 11th will be a busy day at the church, swing by and be part of the excitement, we’ll gladly put you to work.

Another opportunity will be Sunday November 14th starting around 1:00pm we will be breaking down and packing up the stations. If you would consider helping us here, the station chairs would greatly appreciate your assistance. At this point we’re all tired and would love to wrap it up quickly.

The John Wesley United Methodist Church Fair

Come to the John Wesley Church Fair.

All kinds of treasures you'll find there!

Baked goods, crafts and jewelry galore!

Silent auction and hardware store.

Books boutique and attic treasures...

Jams and green, so many pleasures.

Saturday lunch, Friday dinner,

Every meal here is a winner!

The best chocolates you ever ate

We have. Buy some. Don't hesitate.

Aline and her helpers we praise.

Such hard work for so many days!

For those who brought items to sell,

We give our thanks to them as well.

Our fair is always a success,

Everyone who helps, God will bless!

Joy Stosz

November 12, 2019

Get your frozen Apple or Apple Cranberry pies now before they sell out.  Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, think about letting us take care of your apple pie needs this year. You can reserve or pick up your pies from Ruth in the office.  Even with the increased cost of supplies this year, we’ve decided to keep the price at $12.00 per pie. Don’t delay, these pies sell out FAST!

Red T-shirts are available in the office for $10.00 please see Ruth for your shirt.

Sue Sievert is asking all fudge makers if you would be willing to make a batch of your favorite fudge.  Please DO NOT cut the fudge. Any questions, please contact her directly at 203-536-4605.

Eileen Burt will gladly accept baked good for the very popular bake table at the church fair. If you bake it, she will sell it!

If you have any questions or are interested in being part of this year’s Christmas Fair, please contact me, Aline Ward, or 508-444-6038. I’d LOVE to hear from you.


Aline Ward

Donations of Items of Significant Value

If you are going to leave an item of significant value in the Spirit Closet please leave us a note to let us know a little about the item and what it might be worth. We don't want to accidentally put something for sale at $10 if it is worth far more. We appreciate your help in making sure we get a fair price for the many items donated to our fundraising efforts.

Silent Auction

The 2021 Holiday Fair will be upon us soon. Maryellen Geoghan and Christine Quesnel will be managing the Silent Auction again this year. 

As you all are aware, this has been a very difficult time for all restaurants and businesses. We will not be solicitating businesses for donations. That said, if you are a frequent customer of an eating establishment, coffee shop, hair, or nail salon, would you consider requesting a donation/GC. If you do not feel comfortable, would you be willing to buy a gift certificate and donate it to the auction? We will certainly advertise their business at the fair.

In previous years, we had many church members contribute baskets as well as their time for special services. Hours donated for Spring/Fall clean up, Planting Time, Pizza Party’s Group Dinners etc. If you want to donate your time or special service, please contact Maryellen at or 908-216-0471 and we will make up a Bid Sheet for your service and will review value and starting bids with you.

From our hearts we thank you!

Blessing on the 2021 Fair!!!

Christine Quesnel & Maryellen Geoghan

Church Mouse

Church Mouse.jpg

From the Church Mouse

Things are really getting busy around here. One day I heard banging in the Sanctuary so I had to investigate. Several people were installing black boards and stairs around the altar area and putting up metal stands. I overheard them talking about a concert. I was happy when one night everyone gathered to listen to beautiful music and songs. They are the same people who were practicing music in the Fellowship Hall. I found a good spot to see and listen. It was wonderful and it was more than one night. I was a happy mouse and slept well each night.

The ladies are still moving donated items down those dangerous stairs in the basement. It’s hard to maneuver on the stairs by the kitchen so I use a secret passage way that only I know about. Besides only a mouse could travel that route. Anyway, there sure is a lot of stuff in that basement. I just discovered that stuff is also stored in the basement of the house next to the church. I have not investigated that basement but it’s on my bucket list. I overheard Aline say that it’s getting close to the Christmas Fair and so much needs to be done. Wish I could help her but I am only a mouse. Heard her say “I’m all set with Chairperson’s”. Guess that is a plus. Aline also said she needed more helpers to setup, take down and “work” the Fair. Can’t wait to see what the “Fair” is all about. Hope they have food and some crumbs fall to the floor. Cleaning up the crumbs is my job.

One Sunday afternoon members of the church parked their cars in the parking lot and started decorating their cars. The members had strange looking clothes on and some were a little scary. They were all happy and laughing. This looked strange to a mouse. Then children with parents started to arrive and the children were dressed in strange clothes. They kept saying “Trick or Treat” and the members gave out candy. This was too much for me so I went back into the church and I found more people inside. Hard for a mouse to comprehend!

I overheard people talking about a wedding in Florida. I once visited Florida, but it was too hot so I kept hitching rides until I was back in Massachusetts and here, I will stay. Then I heard that it was Hannah & Oz’s wedding. I wondered where she was as I did not see her for a whole week. I overheard they were on their honeymoon, whatever that is. Everyone was congratulating her and her husband who is very tall. Actually, everyone is tall to me.  

Twice this month a big truck arrived and started unloading beds and boxes. Lots of people were helping. I overheard someone talking about a blood drive and they like using John Wesley. Not sure what a blood drive is but I scurried away when I saw needles and blood. But, as usual they did have refreshments and I did find a few crumbs on the floor, thank you.

I heard noise in the Youth room so I investigated and saw 3 cozy sofas in the room. You may wonder why I say “cozy”. You guessed it, when everyone left, I tried out each sofa. Very comfortable. In addition, they have a fold up table that I later overheard was a ping pong table. I left when the balls started flying.

One afternoon a large group of ladies arrived in the kitchen. I overheard Karen giving instructions to the ladies about making pies. They made a lot of pies and then put them in the freezer. Again, I overheard them talking about the fair in November. Unfortunately, no crumbs fell on the floor or the ladies cleaned up really good. Please tell them that’s my job.

I noticed in the Fellowship Hall piles of goods in one corner. Pillows, bedding, towels, cleaning products and all kinds of household items. I overheard in the Outreach/Missions meeting that church members donated these items to help setup two houses for the homeless. These houses were for people who did not have a home and live on the street. During the winter they will live in these houses. I am so fortunate that I have a home here at John Wesley. It is a joyous place to be. Thank you for welcoming me.  

The JW Church Mouse


Alternative Gift Market Online Nov. 12-21: 

Our church has been one of the sponsoring organizations of the Upper Cape Alternative Gift Market for many years; due to the continued impossibility of holding an in person market at St. Barnabas Church due to COVID, this year we are continuing to have our renamed and reimagined new location —ONLINE! Last year’s online market was extremely successful due to the support of all of you and we are thrilled to be able to tweak, improve, and continue to offer this opportunity again this year. The 2021 market will be a VIRTUAL market running from Friday, Nov. 12th through Sunday, Nov. 21st.

What is an alternative gift market, you ask? This market raises funds for worthy local, national, and international nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of people and the health of our planet. An alternative gift is a donation to a worthy cause often in honor of a friend or family member for birthdays, events, etc.  Or it can be a donation to a charitable organization during the holiday season. Either way, it is a meaningful gift that can “give” in multiple ways — to the person you honor, to the organization that receives your donation, and to the people or place on our planet that need some kind of support. 

To understand how the AGM works, please visit our website where you will learn everything there is to know about the Upper Cape AGM. Here is the link to the website: You are encouraged to visit the website and return between November 12-21 to shop ONLINE. You may also SHOP BY MAIL; the directions are on the website. Thank you so very much for your continued support; it is truly a gift that keeps on giving.  

Church Conference: Monday November 22nd the Church Conference will be held via Zoom at 6:30pm. Church Conference reports are due by November 5th.

Racial Justice Group

The Racial Justice Group is inviting everyone to participate in a 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge, which is designed to help people further their understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity. A link to the Challenge, with various options for different approaches to it, is available at: Plan includes suggestions for readings, podcasts, videos, observations, and ways to form and deepen community connections. Anyone is welcome to do the Challenge, including Youth, and then come share your experiences at the next meeting on Monday, November 8th at 5:00.  Regardless of whether you take on the challenge, anyone is welcome to attend the meeting. For more information, contact Jenn Linton at

Helping Afghan Evacuees: Neighborhood Support Team (NST) Cape Cod, a group of Falmouth residents, is working to resettle three evacuated Afghan families in Falmouth. Free temporary housing is already arranged, but because they are not able to work a large fundraising effort is required to provide for all of their financial needs (estimated to be $30,000). Volunteers are also needed to assist with administration, fundraising, healthcare, transportation, shopping, translation, education, education, and employment. Donations can be made to "Cape Cod NST" at, or by check through the Waquoit Congregational Church (GoFundMe charges a fee, WCC will not charge overhead). For more information, please email

November Meeting and Events at JWUMC

Saturday 6th - Falmouth Orchestra Concert 3 pm

Monday 8th - Racial Justice Group 5 pm

Wednesday 10th - Friday 12th Fair Set Up

Thursday 11th - Veterans Day - Office Closed

Thursday 11th - Worship Ministry 3:30 pm

Friday 12th at 1:30 - 6:30 Church Fair

Saturday 13th - 8:30 - 2: pm Church Fair

Tuesday 16th - Finance Ministry Team 4 pm

Saturday 20th- Duo Aime Concert 3 pm

Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st - Youth Famine begins

Monday 22nd - Church Conference 6:30

Monday 29th - Outreach/Mission 6:30

Thursday 25th - Thanksgiving - Office Closed

Weekly Meetings:

Sunday at 4 pm High School Youth Group

Monday at 10 am Crafters (Until the fair)

Tuesday at 10 am Bible Discussion Group with Tim Cline

Tuesday at 10 am Book Study

Wednesday at 11 am Prayer Meeting 

Wednesday at 5:45 pm Handbells & 7 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal 

Thursday at 4 pm Middle School Youth Group 

Birthday Wishes for November: 2nd Nancy Leger, ~ 3rd Sharon Mulcahy, ~ 5th Barb Colturi, ~ 8th Milton King, ~ 16th Dottie Hack, ~17th Ted Burt, ~ 23rd Marge Dean

Let us celebrate life among our church family. It's a great thing to have a birthday, a gift from God. Please give your birthday information by recording it on the calendar on the Fellowship bulletin board.

Nov Sunrise.JPG

John Wesley United Methodist Church, 270 Gifford Street, Falmouth, MA 02540

(508) 548-3050

Rev. Rebecca Mincieli, Pastor

Hannah Stelter, Dir. of Children & Youth Ministries

Ruth Moulton, Office Administrator

Linda Brouder, Director of Music Ministries Mirela Chisbora, Pianist/Organist

George Cary, Treasurer

John Loewen, Sexton 

For Each Day Be Grateful

Every day is a gift from God,

So, be humble, give thanks and pray.

Be grateful for all that you have

And let God’s blessings come your way.

Pray each day and read the Bible.

Don’t be envious or greedy.

Be gentle and considerate

And take time to help the needy.

So, live today as if it were

Your very last day on this earth.

Do not lie or be deceptive.

Fill your soul with kindness and mirth.

You have one life on earth to live

So make it a meaningful one;

Giving thanks and praise every day

To God, Holy Spirit and Son.

Joy Stosz

October 10, 2021

Based on a sermon by Pastor Rebecca

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