Letter From the Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” 

Romans 10:13-15

During a sermon a few weeks ago, I asked all of us to consider the question, “What is church?” We learned how the early church was, in fact, gatherings of people focused not on a place, but on a person – Jesus Christ. How, in truth, “church” was really a movement whose purpose was to spread the good news of Christ. And I challenged us to consider how we, the John Wesley United Methodist Church, could be a force for God in this world. Because I would guess that at least once in the past year and a half, with COVID, the political climate, and all the turmoil we’ve seen, all of us have thought to ourselves, “More people in this country need Jesus!” And you’re right – there is a lot of pain in this world. And I believe things could be very different if more people believed in Jesus and followed his ways and teachings. But it is not sufficient for us to wish that others knew Jesus – we are the ones who are sent by Christ to go tell them and show them. Jesus said, “You shall be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere.”  

So I want to continue to encourage us to think about how can we be “church” to those who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. How can we reach those who feel lost, who have been misled about the Christian faith, who have never heard that Jesus is more than just an ancient moral teacher or historical figure? While you and I certainly need each other to encourage, support, and walk alongside each other, our attention also has to be turned outward. A beloved mentor of mine, Rev. Frank Kaiser once warned me, “Beware of your church becoming a ‘cozy clique of Christ.’” You see, we are meant to share Christ with others. And this is done by how we live our everyday lives. It is our actions, our compassion, our joy, our patience, our love, that tells others about Jesus. And it is also our words. The Disciple Peter said we must, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” And the truth is, to tell people about Jesus, you don’t have to be a theologian, and you don’t have to have the “right” answers. You just have to have the answers that work for you in your life. I heard recently of a man who was asked, ‘What do you gain by regularly praying to God?’ The man replied, ‘Well, first let me tell you what I lost by praying: my anger, ego, greed, depression, insecurity and fear of death.”  That is being a witness to Christ. That is being church.  

A few years ago, the United Methodist Church ran a “Rethink Church” campaign which I think made some poignant statements about what it means to be church. Here’s what it said: “What if church was less about Sunday, and more about the other days of the week. What if church wasn’t just a place we go, but something we do – an active verb, not just a noun. What if church was the way church was in the beginning: outbound, unbound, active.  Not just a building but hundreds of doors – each of them opening up to a different concept or experience of church, so that whoever knocks might find a journey to call their own. What if church looked at itself with seeker’s eyes, recognizing that even the smallest step through one of our doors is an act of courage, a moment of vulnerability. That solving secular needs can lead to spiritual interaction. What if we had more of an out-of-church experience. An opportunity to say what we believe with the way we live our lives.  Perhaps then Sunday could be a day of rest and reflection on all we accomplished Monday through Saturday.”

Yes, as Paul said to the Roman church, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!”


See what's happening this OCTOBER.




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Highlights for October

Music Celebration October 29th 7 pm

Read More

Our Study Groups are meeting weekly to discuss "Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus". Watch for our next study which will be for Advent! Read More

Youth Groups and Sunday School have begun. Read More

Worship Ministry ~ Diane Huban

Rally Day 2 _2_.jpg

Rally Day Back Yard Worship was followed by a wonderful array of homemade salads, sub sandwiches, cookies and cake. As you can see from the photo above people turned out in their red John Wesley shirts.

It was great to see so many of you at Rally Day! What a lovely picnic Collen and her team put together. The Worship Ministry Team continues its quest to balance the needs of our entire church family and “return to normal” as soon as we can. Unfortunately, we are not quite there but we’re getting closer! We would like to continue with Back Yard Church as long as the weather is on our side. If we do have to move inside, masks are highly recommended at least for the near future.  

When that happy day comes and we are “back to normal”, we will need to augment our group of ushers and greeters. We have been fortunate to have a small core of very dedicated and dependable individuals that have served us well during these transitional times. Special thanks to Henry Brown, Jim Cardoza, Linda Duane, Marie Syverson, Patrick Shanley, Gary Bernhardt, Danna Dimock and Matt O’Connor who have been there almost every single Sunday!  They could use your help! Please consider joining our group! It’s a relatively simple job with great rewards. If you are interested and would like to know more about what is involved please reach out to Diane Huban at or 860.841.3952.  

Children and Youth ~ Hannah Duclos

Music Ministry ~ Linda Brouder

Spiritual Growth ~ Sheldon Keller

The Spiritual Ministry Team now includes Karen Camp, Sheldon Keller, Jenn Linton, Deb Mack, Matt O’Connor, Betty Smith, and Mel Trott with team leader, Sheldon Keller.

Our mission: The Spiritual Growth Ministry team works to create opportunities for everyone to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ and to deepen their relationship with God through studies, small groups, retreats, prayer, and other experiences.

The ongoing pandemic continues to provide challenges for in-person programming, but we are determined to do what we can in meeting those challenges. One program (a book study on Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus), currently being led by Betty Smith, has begun and others are being considered. So stay tuned!

And if you have an idea or suggestion for some program that will promote spiritual growth, please get in touch with me or one of the other members of the Team. Or if YOU wish to lead some kind of event that promotes spiritual growth, please be in contact me

Your prayers for the work of this Team will be much appreciated. Thanks.


Sheldon Keller, Team Leader


Outreach/Missions Ministry ~ Julie Immelt Whelden

Change the World: Last month’s Change the World collected $168 for the baby formula sent to Venezuela. Thank you so much for your contributions. Change the world for October will go to “Belonging to Each Other” which you can read more about below.

Habitat for Humanity will be building 6 homes in East Falmouth this December and have asked our help in providing snacks for roughly 35-40 people possibly Tuesdays and Saturdays. Other churches are involved as well so we may not have to do too many. If you would like to help and do some baking or donating fruits please please please email me! Julie Immelt Whelden at They are looking for muffins, tea breads, coffee cakes, cookies, fruit: clementines, bananas, apples. Anything you can eat without a fork or spoon. They will be having a morning snack around 10 with a devotional. Which you are welcome to join if you are dropping the snacks off that day.

Belonging To Each Other is a program that provides temporary housing and loving support to persons experiencing homelessness in Falmouth. We have chosen them to be the Change the World group this month. We will also be helping them fill the two houses with food and paper products for the opening in November. Please bring in non-perishable items and paper products like TP and paper towels. The collection bin will be in the fellowship hall. Please take a look at the list below and drop items off in the collection bin in the fellowship hall. 


Dish soap, small bathroom trash bags, tall kitchen trash bags, liquid body wash soap, liquid hand wash soap, dish soap, dishwasher soap tablets, sponges, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, bath cleaner spray foam, tide laundry detergent pods, ice melter, Clorox wipes, air freshener cans, saran wrap, foil, Ziploc bags, coffee reg decaf, tea herbal and black, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, twin sheets and pillow cases, twin blankets, and throws. 

The Salvation Army annual DRESS A LIVE DOLL Program will be starting in November! Please email me if you want to get a jump start on purchasing items or taking on a whole child!!!!! Julie Immelt Whelden


Christmas Fair

Mark your calendars! November 12 (1:30-6:30) & 13th (8:30-2:00)

It’s hard to imagine that the Fair is only 7 weeks away!!!!

LOTS of Volunteers/workers will be needed for set-up on Wednesday/Thursday (Nov. 10-11th) as well as during the Fair hours on Friday/Saturday (Nov. 12-13).

We will need Cashiers and baggers, floaters, clean-up crew, kitchen help, decorating crew and people to work the individual stations.  

PIE WORKSHOP…will be held on Monday October 18th at 1:30. Join Karen Dean for this fun time together creating the wonderful pies which are always a sell out at the fair.

Remember this is our largest yearly fundraiser. We need lots of enthusiastic volunteers to represent our church. Because of our past hard work John Wesley has earned the reputation of being one of the BEST Christmas Fairs around. Let’s continue this trend…we’ve already proven we have a “Can Do” attitude. Together, let’s do it again in 2021!

If you have any questions or are interested in being part of this year’s Christmas Fair, please contact me, Aline Ward, or 508-444-6038. I’d LOVE to hear from you.


Aline Ward

Donations of Items of Significant Value

If you are going to leave an item of significant value in the Spirit Closet please leave us a note to let us know a little about the item and what it might be worth. We don't want to accidentally put something for sale at $10 if it is worth far more. We appreciate your help in making sure we get a fair price for the many items donated to our fundraising efforts.

Silent Auction

The 2021 Holiday Fair will be upon us soon. Maryellen Geoghan and Christine Quesnel will be managing the Silent Auction again this year. 

As you all are aware, this has been a very difficult time for all restaurants and businesses. We will not be solicitating businesses for donations. That said, if you are a frequent customer of an eating establishment, coffee shop, hair, or nail salon, would you consider requesting a donation/GC. If you do not feel comfortable, would you be willing to buy a gift certificate and donate it to the auction? We will certainly advertise their business at the fair.

As you frequent stores like Job Lot, Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx, or go to Fall Festivals, think about picking up a few items for gift baskets. We are thinking of 4 themes. Spa, Italian, Christmas, and Coffee/Tea Themes. We just need the fillings and your ideas. We will make the baskets. The items can be dropped off in the Spirit Closet.

In previous years, we had many church members contribute baskets as well as their time for special services. Hours donated for Spring/Fall clean up, Planting Time, Pizza Party’s Group Dinners etc. If you want to donate your time or special service, please contact Maryellen at or 908-216-0471 and we will make up a Bid Sheet for your service and will review value and starting bids with you.

If you are cleaning out clutter, and would like to donate items that make sense for the Silent Auction, please leave them in the Spirit closet. In the past we have received new or almost small new appliances like Stand Alone Mixers, Blenders, Vacuums, Leaf blowers, Full Sets of Dishes etc.

We are pleased to announce Fred Sievert generously offered 4 Patriot Tickets as well as the Optum Field lounge passes. Patriots versus Tennessee Titans on 11/28 1PM. We are so grateful to the Sievert Family and very excited!!!!!

From our hearts we thank you!

Blessing on the 2021 Fair!!!

Christine Quesnel & Maryellen Geoghan

Pre-Fair Orders: Mark Karsner is preparing for the Fair and has some items for pre-sales. Need a gift now? Contact Mark for his latest items. Below is a sample of a cutting board with an ocean view.


Mark also has created pieces made from The outer circles of a tree and crafted images into them.

Karsner 3.jpg

Contact Mark:

or 508-272-5961

Church Mouse

Church Mouse.jpg

From the Church Mouse

It is hard to keep up with all that goes on in this church. There are many meetings including the people that meet each morning in the Fellowship Hall. They seem really dedicated with whatever they are doing. The ladies are sorting and moving thing down stairs, again. I overheard talk about a Christmas Fair in November. It sounds like a lot of work, but it helps the church to do mission work. I overheard in one meeting about this thing called missions. People meet and decide how the church can help people. I also overheard they are looking for new member for this team.

Last month Hannah organized a Vacation Bible School for children in the church and community for five days. She and several volunteers decorated the Sanctuary where everyone gathered when they arrived each day and gathered at the end of the day. All the activities were held outside. The kids attended several different areas on the property including time for games. Lots of volunteers helped during the week. The best time for me was snack time because I found some crumbs on the floor, thank you. Everyone was so happy and wanted to come back next year.

Back yard church is what I overheard Pastor Rebecca say on the phone one day. I was in the Narthex investigating again and overheard her. This back yard church is wonderful. One Sunday almost everyone wore those red shirts again and a lot of people showed up. After the service everyone gathered on the front lawn and had lunch. Some of the crumbs fell on the kitchen floor, thank you very much. It was a sunny day and everyone enjoyed themselves. The kids enjoyed jumping around in a big balloon thing and were happy.

One night I heard music coming from the Fellowship Hall and investigated. People were playing musical instruments. Some were string instruments and some were horns. I heard this was called the Falmouth Orchestra and they rent the Hall to practice for a concert. Hope they have the concert here so I can attend. The music was great. One night the hall was filled with people singing and I over heard this was the Falmouth Chorale. So many beautiful voices.

I am happy the JW choir is singing again and I overheard the bell choir practicing. I like the sound of the bells. One week day I heard commotion in the sanctuary so I had to investigate. Someone was delivering new dark green pew cushions. Yes, I know colors. That lady, Diane, was there supervising the delivery. After everyone left, I inspected the cushions. They are so comfortable. I think everyone will like them. I heard the Trustees ordered the cushions. Nice job.

I was surprised not to see Pastor Rebecca and John for a whole week. I overheard they were on vacation in a warm place. I do not know what a vacation is but I overheard that they needed a time away to rest and I agree. Rev. Sheldon Keller preached on the Sunday in place of Pastor Rebecca. It was rainy so the service was in the sanctuary with the new pew cushions.

There was another celebration at the church. It was called a shower which makes no sense because there was no water just lots of presents and food. These church people are always serving food including cake. Thank you to the one who spilled the chocolate cake crumbs on the kitchen floor. I cleaned them up really good as that is my job.  

One night I heard voices in the Education Wing. It was a different king of meeting. I heard different languages and found out the meeting was called ESL. Some members were teaching English to other people who were new residents of our country. I overheard that this is another mission outreach to the community. Everyone seemed happy.  

I am so glad I came back to JW. It is a joyous place to be. Thank you for welcoming me.

The JW Church Mouse


MINISTRY TEAMS of JWUMC - September 2021

Meet our Ministry Team leaders and read about all the wonderful work being done as summarized in their Mission Statements - pick-up the latest Ministry Teams booklet in the Narthex or in the Office.

Ministry Team/At-Large


Children & Youth, Hannah Duclos

Facilities & Grounds (Includes Trustees), John Mincieli

Finance, Fred Sievert

Hospitality, Invitation, and Fellowship, Colleen Karsner

Outreach & Missions, Julie Immelt Wheldon

Spiritual Growth, Sheldon Keller

Staff Parish Relations, Mark Karsner

Worship, Diane Huban

At-Large, Ted Burt

At-Large, Matt O’Connor

At-Large, Mel Trott

Recording Secretary, Ruth Moulton

Chairperson The Leadership Team, Larry Ward

Pastor, Rebecca Mincieli

Our Ministry Teams reflect our Mission to Love God, Love Others and Serve the World.


Our Leaders and Pastor would be happy to talk to you about your passions in doing God’s work here in Falmouth and Cape Cod. Please reach out and talk with them one-on-one.


With Blessings to you, The Leadership Team of JWUMC

A Grateful Thank You


     On behalf of Dottie, Bruce, Lori and Carter Hack we would like to thank the following members of John Wesley UMC for their assistance in moving Dottie into her new apartment at Cape Cod Senior Living Residence.

     A huge and heartfelt thank you to Betty Smith, Donna Fish, Steve Adams, Jim Cardoza, Pete Stasis and Larry Ward. Without their more than able bodied help the move would have taken longer and been more stressful. They did the work with smiles and a singular purpose.

     An extra thank you to Betty for helping Bruce set up the move and bringing in the muscle to get the job done.

Church Conference: Monday November 22nd the Church Conference will be held via Zoom at 6:30pm. Church Conference reports are due by November 5th.

Racial Justice Group

The Racial Justice Group is inviting everyone to participate in a 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge, which is designed to help people further their understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity. A link to the Challenge, with various options for different approaches to it, is available at: Plan includes suggestions for readings, podcasts, videos, observations, and ways to form and deepen community connections. Anyone is welcome to do the Challenge, including Youth, and then come share your experiences at the next meeting on Monday, November 8th at 5:00. Regardless of whether you take on the challenge, anyone is welcome to attend the meeting. For more information, contact Jenn Linton at

Helping Afghan Evacuees: Neighborhood Support Team (NST) Cape Cod, a group of Falmouth residents, is working to resettle three evacuated Afghan families in Falmouth. Free temporary housing is already arranged, but because they are not able to work a large fundraising effort is required to provide for all of their financial needs (estimated to be $30,000). Volunteers are also needed to assist with administration, fundraising, healthcare, transportation, shopping, translation, education, education, and employment. Donations can be made to "Cape Cod NST" at, or by check through the Waquoit Congregational Church (GoFundMe charges a fee, WCC will not charge overhead). For more information, please email

October Meeting and Events at JWUMC

Monday 4th, TLT 6:30 pm

Tuesday 5th, Blood Drive 10 am - 4 pm

Monday 11th, Columbus Day: Office Closed

Monday 18th, Pie Workshop 1:30 pm

Tuesday 19th, Finance Ministry Team 4 pm

Sunday 24th, Trunk or Treat 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Monday 25th, Blood Drive 10 am – 4 pm

Monday 25th, Outreach/Mission 6:30 pm

Tuesday 26th, Trustees Meeting 3:30 pm

Friday 29th, Music Ministries Concert 7 pm

Weekly Meetings:

Sunday at 4 pm High School Youth Group (Except October 10th) 

Monday at 10 am Crafters (Except October 11th)

Tuesday at 10 am Bible Discussion Group with Tim Cline

Tuesday at 10 am Book Study

Wednesday at 11 am Prayer Meeting 

Wednesday at 5:45 pm Handbell & 7 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal 

Thursday at 4 pm Middle School Youth Group 

Birthday Wishes for October: October 2nd ~ Phyllis Clough, 6th ~ Dick Sherman, 17th ~ Cathy Opaluch, 20th ~ Bob Dinsmore, 27th ~ Marie Syverson

Let us celebrate life among our church family. It's a great thing to have a birthday, a gift from God. Please give your birthday information by recording it on the calendar on the Fellowship bulletin board.

Mums _ Pumpkins B.jpg

John Wesley United Methodist Church, 270 Gifford Street, Falmouth, MA 02540

(508) 548-3050

Rev. Rebecca Mincieli, Pastor

Hannah Duclos, Dir. of Children & Youth Ministries

Ruth Moulton, Office Administrator

Linda Brouder, Director of Music Ministries Mirela Chisbora, Pianist/Organist

George Cary, Treasurer

John Loewen, Sexton 

Autumn on Cape Cod

The days are growing shorter,

And nights are getting long;

Cool air is so refreshing,

And winds are much more strong.

Birds are flying to the south

To spend the winter there,

Coming to the Cape again

When weather becomes fair.

The beaches, which were crowded,

Are once again bereft

Of swimmers and sunbathers

Since most of them have left.

The leaves are turning color

And soon will fall to earth,

Leaving trees mere skeletons

‘Til spring sees a rebirth.

The stars seem so much brighter;

The air is crystal clear;

Such beauty in all nature

Assures us God is near.

Joy Stosz

August 17, 2010

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