Kraft's Comments

Hey Church, 

Easter is coming!  

Would you please add this picture to your social media sites over the next two weeks?


From Computer right click on image and click save as. Then paste to your social media.

From phone hold your finger on the image and copy or save image.

Date Night - Friday, May 17th at 6pm

Mega Sports Camp May 28-31

Ft Lone Tree June 10-15

Summer is quickly approaching! We are excited to hang out with students and grow deeper together! Here are a few thing coming up:

Senior Sunday May 19th

Camp Parent Meeting May 5th @ 5:00pm

Baccalaureate May 22nd (No Youth)

Fusion Retreat May 31-June 2

KillSwitch Mission Trip to Belen June 3-7

Student Life Camp (one discounted spot available) June 28-July 5


Keith Kilpatrick
Youth Pastor
Jarrod Earl 4/11
Kindra Guy 4/11
Nancy Stall 4/11
Larry Dade 4/13
Franki Ingram 4/13
Kyle Stevenson 4/11
Justin Hughes 4/14
Chance Huddleston 4/16
Kamdyn Kilpatrick 4/17
Bonnie Knight 4/17
Lucas Heady 4/19
Kenni Thompson 4/19
Jennifer Willhelm 4/19
Mike Williams 4/21
Shianna Weiler 4/22
Jimmy Brown 4/23
Billy Drake 4/23
Pam Horner 4/23
Elton Menefee 4/23

WM Staff

Jason Kraft ~ Pastor

Amanda Martin ~ Children's Pastor

Keith Kilpatrick ~ Youth Pastor 

Heather Lieb ~ Counselor

Mike Spencer ~ Worship / Discipleship Pastor

Ann Brady ~ Financial Secretary

Rilla Matthews ~ Admin. Assistant

The church can be contacted by phone 
Monday through Thursday by calling