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Hey Church,

Say a prayer for our youth as they participate in Disciple Now this weekend. Pray for the leaders and for the kids to be open and receptive.

If you’re traveling for Spring Break, don’t forget you can catch our Sunday service live on Livestream or you can watch during the week from our app, facebook page, or web page.

Be The Church wherever you are this week!


West Main Students
Disciple Now is this weekend. Please pray for our students as we dig into the Word this weekend!

Konner Gwynne
David Anaya 
Buddy Harman 
Isaiah Westbrook 
Ethan Conn 
Miah Mullen 
Cutter Summers 
DJ Madrid 
Jed Lieb 
Carson Thorp 
Kirstan Gwynne 
Alyssa Lieb 
Jasmine Lieb 
Angelica Pacheco
Alison Miles
Seniza Pacheco
Gabby Grado
Devynne Beene 
Erin Martin 
Kamdyn Kilpatrick
Adrian Coppedge 
Peyton Stone 
Mia Heady
Madison Huddleston 
Abigail Blackwell 
Main Kids

Here are some upcoming dates to look forward to. 

Spring Break March 18-22

Parenting Conference - April 5-6

Tim Howard 3/13
Cameron Martin 3/12
Casey Ellis 3/13
Scotty Lyles 3/13
Amy Grantham 3/14
Buddy Harmon 3/15
Jeremiah Fletcher 3/17
Robert Coons 3/18
Leisha Duran 3/18
Cody Franklin 3/20
Jimmy Hamilton Jr. 3/21
Laura Anaya 3/22
Cheyenne Henson 3/22
Tamara Stevenson 3/23
Miguel Madrid III 3/24
Troy Kern 3/25
Ryan Willhelm 3/25

WM Staff

Jason Kraft ~ Pastor

Amanda Martin ~ Children's Pastor

Keith Kilpatrick ~ Youth Pastor 

Heather Lieb ~ Counselor

Mike Spencer ~ Worship / Discipleship Pastor

Ann Brady ~ Financial Secretary

Rilla Matthews ~ Admin. Assistant

The church can be contacted by phone 
Monday through Thursday by calling