West Main News
October 8, 2019
Kraft's Comments

 Hello Church,
We had a good crop of new members go through our last membership class!
I always remind them and us of the commitments we ask for from all our fellow WestMainiacs:
1. I will protect the unity of my church by acting in love toward the other members, refusing to gossip, and by following the leaders.
2. I will share the responsibility of my church by praying for it, by inviting the unchurched to attend with me, and by warmly welcoming all those who visit.
3. I will share the ministry of my church by discovering my gifts and talents, by allowing my pastors to equip me, and by developing a servant’s heart.
4. I will support the testimony of my church by attending faithfully, by living a godly life, and by giving consistently.
How are you doing with these commitments???
Be The Church!

Financial Report

Monthly General Budget $42,557.00
October 2019 General Giving to Date $7,338.50

Building Loan Monthly Payment $3,000.00
October 2019 Building Fund Giving to Date $420.00

Deacon of the Week
October 6-12
Scott Pitts
Volunteer Schedule

October 13
Greeters -
Brian & Theresa Rudge
Stanley Menefee

Safety Team -
Brian Rudge

October 20
Greeters -
Dolly Dolly & Roy Richards

Safety Team -
Aaron Lieb

October 27
Greeters -
Ramona Kilpatrick

Safety Team -
Elton Menefee

Brenda Blevins 10/8
Linda Ellis 10/8
Allison Miles 10/8
Nona Brewer 10/10
Staci Kilpatrick 10/11
Garrett Thomas 10/11
Jennifer Coats 10/13
Cicily Hellekson 10/13
Jerry Robinson 10/14
Brittany Milligan 10/17
David Z. Anaya 10/19
Brooke Huddleston 10/22
Rhaela Stall - 10/22

West Main Students
Artesia Bulldog Football Schedule

Oct 18 - @ Roswell
Oct 25 - Goddard
Nov 1 - Alamogordo

Home Game Hang Out
following home games upstairs in WM's Youth Room.

 Baby Shower for Cheyenne Mullins, Saturday, October 12th from 2-4pm in the Family Life Center. It's A Boy! Everyone is invited.

Quarterly Business Meeting, Wednesday, October 30 at 5:30 p.m. in the Worship Center.

Main Kids
HI Church,

Fall is here! This is my favorite time of year, not only for the cool weather but just watching things change. Its just a great reminder that our God is bigger and creative. 

I want to visit about something that is so cool that we will be doing in a couple of weeks. We are starting Main Kids children's choir in November. November 13th to be exact. It is a Wednesday night and it will be from 6pm-7pm. Kids will learn songs and perform for our Christmas Eve service. Mrs. Renee Kraft will be helping us with it. I am so excited for this. If your child would like to participate in choir text @wmkids to 81010. I hope you will join us.

Teachers hugs and high fives to you! You survived the 1st nine weeks, only 3 more to go. You guys are awesome! Thank you for all that you do.


Dates to Remember:

EVERY THURSDAY - Packs Of Love 11:30 at First Baptist Fellowship Hall

EVERY FRIDAY - Reading Buddies 8:30 at Roselawn School

October 16th - Fields of Faith

October 19th - Family Day at the Pumpkin Patch 3pm-5pm

October 23rd - MK Pumpkin Decorating Party 6pm-8pm

October 30th - Business Meeting 5:30 in Sanctuary

October 31st - Halloween (Be on the look out for info on all the fun things going on in our town)

Prayer Needs
Glenna Brady - health
Family of Virgil Johnson
Family of Newell Matthews
Marriage Retreat - Oct. 11-13
Mission Artesia

Ukraine Mission Team
Michael Blackwell
Arlas Blackwell
Chris Padilla
Carrie Padilla
Liana Swarengin
Katie Gray
Beth Hahn
Paul Alvarez
Jason Kraft

Continue to Pray
Branch Family
Junior Lopez
Annjanette Cortez
Brian Rudge
Tera Williams
Jaques' Grandbaby
Renee Alford
Jan Harlow
Sabrina Wilson
Justin Coker
Ronnie Tice
Josiah & Chasee Kraft
Bonnie Knight
John Knight
Ima Dale Reynolds
Lucas Heady
Oliver Swaringen
Larry Dade
Beth Dade
Emma Munoz
Martha Patterson
Janet Arnold
Joy Ellis
James Mann
Carolyn Robinson
Jean Ellis
Johnny Ellis
Law Enforcement & Families
Our Military
Our Country

WM Staff
Jason Kraft - Pastor

Amanda Martin - Children's Pastor

Keith Kilpatrick - Youth Pastor

Heather Lieb - Counselor

Mike Spencer - Worship/Discipleship Pastor

Ann Brady - Financial Secretary

Rilla Matthews - Admin Assistant

MONDAY - THURSDAY (575)746-3258