Deacon of the Week
Lee Roy Howard

Financial Report
Finance Report

Monthly General 
Budget $41,040.00

December General Giving  $46,698.71

Building Fund Monthly Payment $3,000.00

December Building Funds Giving

Finance Report

Monthly General Budget $42,300.00

January General Giving To Date $17,426.39

Monthly Building Payment $3000.00

January Building Fund Giving To Date 


New Members Classes
January 13th  and
January 20th
5:00 p.m.
Text @wmmember to 81010 to sign up

Quarterly Business
Meeting,  Wednesday,
January 30th at 5:30 p.m. in the Worship Center.

Sign up for our Safety Team by texting
@wmsafety to 81010 
Safety Team Meeting February 3rd at 11:00     a.m. for everyone               interested.                                           

Greeter's Schedule

January 13
    Jennifer Willhelm
    Scott Pitts
    Shawn Martin

January 20
     Brian Rudge
     Theresa Rudge
     Elton Menefee

January 27
     Cheryl Schrimshire
     Denise Galvan
     Stanley Menefee
January 8, 2019
Kraft's Comments
Hello Church,

Date Night is this Saturday.  We'll meet at 6:00 in the auditorium for a ten minute "Marriage Moment" teaching.  This month's topic is learning to be on the same page.   If you need childcare for Date Night you can drop your kids off in the portables starting at 5:45.  Every marriage needs a date night!

We are looking for volunteers to join our "Safety Team."  After consulting with local and federal law enforcement agencies, and now completing our fencing project, we are ready to implement our plan to ensure our people's safety.  If you're interested in being a part of this team text @wmsafety to 81010.  We will have a meeting on February 3rd at 11:00 in the auditorium.

Remember, church is a group of people who gather for a weekly event and scatter for a daily mission.  I'm praying that we will embrace both!

I Love This Church!


West Main Students

Jan 9th - Youth Group starts back up
11th - Girls Sleepover in the Youth Room
13th - Youth Family Breakfast & 5th grade promotion
13th - Sunday night Circle Groups kick off again.

Prayer Needs
Amanda Martin - health
Oliver Swaringen - health
Kamiley Marquez - health
Emma Munoz - health

Continue To Pray For:
Kay Peterson
Martha Patterson
Knowlton Family
Jennie Green
Dickie Means
Tom & Sue Kelley
Janet Arnold
Kyla Armstrong & baby
Carol Russell
Joy Ellis
Ethan Fontanez
Lucas Heady
Connie Krogman
James Mann
Carolyn Robinson
Jean Ellis
Johnny Ellis
Bonnie Knight
Larry & Beth Dade
Our Pastors, Church & Finances
Teachers and Students
Law Enforcement & Families
Our Military
Our Country


Kendal Hardt  1/8
Janet Arnold  1/9
Joshua Brady  1/9
Kerraline Perea  1/10
Tyler Coons  1/12
Gene Ellis  1/12
Lisa Neel  1/12
Rhonda Snedker  1/12
Robert Boyce  1/15
Evelyn Drake  1/15
Anthony Miranda  1/15
Scotty Stall  1/15
Chris Wiles  1/15
Abigail Blackwell  1/16
John Guthrie1/16
Phillip Jowers  1/16
Kelli Richards  1/17
Hayden Stickland  1/17

Jason Kraft  ~  Pastor

Amanda Martin ~ Children's Pastor

Keith Kilpatrick  ~  Youth Pastor  
Heather Lieb ~ Counselor

Mike Spencer ~ Worship / Discipleship Pastor

Ann Brady ~ Financial Secretary

Rilla Matthews ~ Admin. Assistant

The church can be contacted by phone 
Monday through Thursday by calling 


1701 West Main Street
Artesia, NM 88210