Deacon of the Week
Rusty McKee

Financial Report
Monthly General 
Budget  $41,040.00

December General Giving $3,467.00

Building Fund Monthly Payment $3,000.00

December Building Funds Giving


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering December 2-9
Week of Prayer guides are on the black tables in the Worship Center Entry.

Senior Adult Old Fashioned Christmas
December 6th at Hotel Artesia, 11:30 a.m.
Bring a Christmas card signed by you with your phone number. Do not address to anyone.
Questions - contact Karen Miller 

FX Family Christmas Party,  Sunday, December 9th

Greeter's Schedule

December 9
    Cheryl Schrimshire
    Elton Menefee

December 16
    Lindsey Berding
    Denise Galvan

December 23
    Shawn Martin
    Ramona Kilpatrick

December 30
    Dolly Richards
    Roy Richards
    Elton Menefee


Edna Brewer
Eli Hollers
Duston Butler
Rawley Coupland
Hunter Martin
Shannon Tulk
Matt Defer
Chris Simons
Tieler Singleton
Rexton Blackwell

December 4, 2018
Kraft's Comments
Hello Church,

We've started our Christmas series. We have made Christmas a lot of things in our culture -  I hope that during our celebrations we will never forget:
Above all things Christmas is God drawing near to unholy, unworthy, undeserving people.  Christmas is God moving in our direction.  Christmas is a holy and perfect God looking us in the eye and inviting us to be His friend in spite of our sin.  Christmas is forgiveness replacing condemnation. Christmas is grace elevated above the law.  Christmas is light illuminating darkness.  Christmas is life defeating death.

Our Christmas Eve service starts at 4:30 with a Cookies, Coffee, & Cocoa fellowship hosted by the pastor's spouses. The actual service will begin at 5:00.  We'll celebrate communion and baptisms, sing new and classic Christmas music, and light candles.  Don't miss it!


West Main Students

Dec 9 - FX Family Christmas Party in the gym
Dec 16 - Youth Christmas Party in the Youth Room. (Final gathering of the year)
Jan 9 - First Gathering of the New Year!


Keith Kilpatrick

Main Kids

MEGA Date Nite:  December 8, 4pm-9pm.  Parents can get in a movie or Christmas shopping or anything you can dream of.  We will even provide dinner for your kiddos!  Ms Darline will be there for the girls and their dolls.  So let me know ASAP to reserve your spot.

Prayer Needs
Oliver Swaringen - health
Jennie Green - health

Continue To Pray For:
Dickie Means
Ryan Family
Tom & Sue Kelley
Janet Arnold
Kyla Armstrong & baby
Carol Russell
Joy Ellis
Ethan Fontanez
Lucas Heady
Connie Krogman
James Mann
Carolyn Robinson
Jean Ellis
Johnny Ellis
Bonnie Knight
Larry & Beth Dade
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Pastors and Staff
J ason Kraft  ~  Pastor

Amanda Martin ~ Children's Pastor

Keith Kilpatrick  ~  Youth Pastor  
Heather Lieb ~ Counselor

Mike Spencer ~ Worship / Discipleship Pastor

Ann Brady ~ Financial Secretary

Rilla Matthews ~ Admin. Assistant

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