Fellow Cliff Dwellers, 

I am extremely proud of the West Oak Cliff Area Plan Task Force’s and City Staff’s tireless community engagement efforts in support of the West Oak Cliff Area Plan. Thanks to them and to the thousands of engaged neighbors, this initiative to build a blueprint for west Oak Cliff’s preservation, development and growth, transportation, parks, and more for the next 20-50 years is well on its way.

Number of community meetings, both in person and virtual:
  • 12 community meetings (6 virtual and 6 in-person)
  • 4 neighborhood education workshops.
  • Although staff doesn’t have a complete tally, they estimate that they have had about 800 people attend meetings online and in-person

Number of task force meetings: 8 with 2 more scheduled (December 6 and January 10)

Number of survey responses:
  • Initial engagement survey: 140 responses
  • Community visioning survey: 303 responses (including online and in-person responses)
  • Social Pinpoint interactive website: 5856 total website visits, 1714 unique users, 195 map comments

Additional “outreach” or “input collection” data:
  • Assisted in creating 3 new neighborhood associations as a part of our engagement efforts (South Edgefield NA, East Hampton Hills NA, and North Cliff NA)
  • Conducted meetings in Spanish and provided Spanish translators at all in-person meetings
  • Worked with local stakeholder groups such as Somos Tejas to distribute thousands of flyers door to door informing neighbors about upcoming meetings
  • Sent out a flyer to all areas in West Oak Cliff (roughly 40% of the total land area, 4000+ addresses) informing residents about the neighborhood education workshops conducted in September and October

Neighbor, it’s not too late to get involved and let your voice be heard on the future of our neighborhoods! Please click here and take the survey, pinpoint the map guide, and follow the progress of this important planning effort.

Thank you for staying engaged, Oak Cliff!
Chad West
Mayor Pro Tem, District 1