West Palm Beach Dances in Celebration of the Newly Renovated Centennial Fountain
Click the photo below for a spectacular video of the new fountain
January 7, 2021, Torrance, CA. - MediaMation, Inc. ,(MMI) under the auspices of Freeport Fountains, collaborated to bring the historical Centennial Fountains back to life with even more vigor than before. MMI choreographed the historic Centennial Fountain located in West Palm Beach Florida, to dance to all new tunes and sounds so that passersby can enjoy a new spectacular light and water show. The show debuted December 3rd, 2020 to an enthusiastic, receptive audience. Utilizing the newest jets from Crystal Fountains, Freeport designed and built the newly renovated fountain containing 105 full, adjustable height jets plus 9 "pop jets" that shoot streams up to 30 feet in the air. The fountain is equipped with interactive water fountain jets that contain 109 RGBW LED's that have the ability to produce 16.7 million colors.

With such an extensive arsenal of programmable technology built into this fountain, CITO Dan Jamele and Programming Associate Matthew Jamele were able to fully express their creativity with little to no limitations. The fountain was regularly playing the general Christmas performance through the holidays and will be playing MMI performances in the weekends beginning mid-January.

Jon Vollet, Managing Principal of Freeport Fountains, had this to say regarding the new Centennial Fountain: "Honestly, I could not be happier with how this turned out. It's an amazing show with great visuals and I think that everyone is going to absolutely love this. We at Freeport Fountains are very happy that we had a chance to work on such an interesting and historical project."
For nearly 30 years, MediaMation, Inc. has provided innovative technological solutions to the Cinema and Themed Entertainment and Amusements market and expanded to the esports and VR industry in recent years. MediaMation is an interactive technology company and a worldwide, leading supplier and manufacturer of patented technology for 4D Motion EFX theatres and seats, including its MX4D Motion EFX technology, with over 360 installations worldwide. MediaMation also designs and implements turnkey creative solutions for complex shows, rides, exhibits, fountain shows, etc. for theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, cinemas and FECs.

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Conceptualizing and designing a captivating fountain is an art form. Being able to take it from concept to flowing reality is what we do. Over nearly three decades, we have become expert at harnessing water; making it bend, flow, trickle, spray and pulse in unimaginable ways. Design, Engineering, Construction...No one approaches water like Freeport. Some companies focus exclusively on design. Others only manufacture or market products. Freeport is a full service design, engineering and construction firm. We take an unbiased approach to deliver the best equipment at the best price for each particular project. Our design and construction efforts have been focused solely on water features of all types for nearly thirty years, making us specialists in our industry.
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