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How can we build a socialist alternative to climate change?

Wednesday, June 17th
7:00 PM

William H. Ohrenberger School
175 W. Boundary Rd
West Roxbury

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Oil spills, fracking, super storms - more and more the product of the for profit system is pushing the environment towards a destructive tipping point that is threatening the very existence of life on Earth. 

At the same time, the very corporations causing this destruction are making record profits and the politicians are putting forward half measures that will do little to save the planet. What is really needed?

Come join Socialist Alternative to talk about how a socialist transformation of society could fundamentally overturn both the exploitation of people and the planet.


Seamus Whelan

Seamus is an RN and union activist in the Mass Nurses Association. He has been a member of Socialist Alternative and a West Roxbury resident for almost 3 decades. Seamus is currently a leader in SWRL, the Stop the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline, a grassroots campaign of neighborhood residents and allies taking action against the corporations and establishment to stop a dangerous high pressure gas pipeline from being constructed and run through West Roxbury.

Seamus  also ran for Boston City Council in 2013 and helped lead West Roxbury's victorious ballot question campaign that resulted in a win for a $15 an hour minimum wage in 2014 in that neighborhood.

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