April 2020
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"Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection,
not in books alone,
but in every leaf in springtime."
—Martin Luther
Resurrection Eggs are on the way to your home!  

Hi Parents!

If you know me, you know I LOVE a good scavenger hunt! So it probably isn’t a shock that one of my favorite family Easter traditions when my kids were little was to use Resurrection Eggs to tell the Easter Story. The Resurrection Eggs make a nice connection between traditional Easter Eggs and the true meaning of Easter!

Simple instructions: hide the eggs and have your kids open them one at a time as you guide them through the symbols of Holy Week, beginning with Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem and culminating with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Here is a link to Scriptures that accompany the eggs.

Another way to use the eggs are in conjunction with a wonderful book: Benjamin's Box. (start it at 4:19). Like all boys and girls, Benjamin is very, very curious. When Jesus comes to Jerusalem, Benjamin decides to follow him and find out who he really is. At first, Benjamin thinks Jesus is a teacher, then a king. At last, he learns the good news―news that every child (and grown-up!) will want to share.

Please be assured that we are showing extra caution to remain in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions. Eggs are being assembled (March 31-April 1) by Erika who is wearing a mask and gloves. The eggs are plastic and the current information says the virus can last on plastic surfaces for up to two days. We will be delivering them to your house April 7 or 8. 

Have a blessed Easter celebrating our King!
Stacy Kutz
Parenting Resources
“God is bigger than the boogie man. He’s bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on TV. Oh God is bigger than the boogie man, and He’s watching out for you and me.”

I was reminded last week of a Veggie Tales classic, “ God is bigger than the Boogie Man ”. Routines have changed, parents are working from home, school aged kids are now enjoying homeschool (maybe more than parents are!). When schedules get messed up – even in normal times – kids get “unsettled” or anxious. 

I thought watching this video might be a good way to check in with your kids to see how they are doing. (Here's the link to just the song.)

Parenting Blog

Parent Cue blog is a great resource as we work our way through this crazy thing called parenting. Here is a great article on helping our children cope with change.
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Resurrection Buns

A treat like no other! For years we have been making Resurrection Buns on Easter morning with the “littles” (my sweet way of referring to your kids).

The process is a bit messy and yes, I have disappointed more than one mom as she looked at the mess I was sending home with her daughter, dressed up in her Easter dress! Sorry!

The following scene has been replayed year after year:

After the buns have baked, we gather around to see and taste! Eager anticipation is barely contained with fidgets and twistings for a better view. The air is full of the sweet perfume of cinnamon and sugar. As the longed for arrival comes into view, a murmur begins to arise. What would they find? What would it look like? You’ll see, whispered those who had witnessed the miracle before. You’ll see! And then one bun was plucked from the rest and held aloft for all to see. Carefully a knife cuts the end off of the bun. A spontaneous gasp from the kids. It was true! The tomb was empty!

The miracle would last long enough for buns to swiftly be distributed and then silence as the tasty buns disappeared into eager mouths. And discussion could begin – not always at a comfortable decibel. But always a lesson well-learned and eagerly shared with parents on pick up … the tomb is empty! Christ has Risen!!

I stress that it is not magic. The dough does what it is supposed to do. The marshmallow does what it is supposed to do. And God’s love remains to be found in the sweetness that remains. Other symbolism includes:

  • Marshmallow – the body of Jesus
  • Butter – oils used in burial
  • Cinnamon and sugar – the spices used to perfume the body
  • Dough – the tomb
  • Baked roll with empty center is, of course, the empty tomb following the resurrection

Guide your kids, but remember it is impossible to do this wrong. Pass around a bottle of hand sanitizer as you begin. Make sure you pinch the dough around the marshmallow. I usually have kids put the marshmallow on the narrow tip of the crescent and roll toward the larger end because it’s easier to pinch together and completely cover the marshmallow. Use Pillsbury Crescent Rolls because they seem to stay pinched better (leak less!) than other brands. Line the baking sheets with aluminum foil or parchment paper for quick cleanup – because, in spite of your best efforts, some marshmallow will leak out of at least one roll!  Have fun!
Vacation Bible School
June 22-25
Help kids take up the gauntlet this summer! Accept the challenge to “armor up” and be strong in the Lord while sharing God’s love in a world that needs it more than ever!